Dragon Ball Z is by far one of the most popular Japanese animes ever. It is the sequel to the famous Dragon Ball anime. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z episodes follow the adventures of the protagonist named¬†Goku. While Dragon Ball was an illustration and adventures of Goku from his childhood to adulthood, Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of Goku’s adult life.

It is watched by people belonging to all age groups throughout the world. It is a huge series and it is difficult to pick just 10 Dragon Ball Z episodes. However, we have still managed to compile a list of 10 best episodes on the basis of their significance and entertainment factor.

Best Dragon Ball Z Episodes

1. Save The World (Episode 26 from the 6th Season)

dragon ball z episodes - " Save The World"

Episode 26 from the 6th Season: This is undoubtedly the best episode in the entire Dragon Ball Z series. Here we get to see the epic final battle between Gohan and Cell. Young Gohan was in trouble at one point of time.

However, he kept on going and finally defeated Cell with his iconic Kamehameha move. This was the first time we got to see just how powerful Gohan exactly is.

2. Explosion of Anger ( 96th episode)

dragon ball z episodes - Explosion of Anger

This is the 96th episode of the entire series. Here we finally get to see Goku turning into a super Saiyan. This was special because it was the first time we saw a major character turning into a super Saiyan and we got to know the power which a super Saiyan possess.

Before this, Goku’s main rival Freeza was much more powerful than him. But now the tables have turned and Goku now has the upper hand.

3. The Secret of Dr. Gero ( 130th episode)

best dragon ball z episodes - The Secret of Dr. Gero

This is the 130th episode of the series. Just like Goku, this was the episode when Vegeta finally turned to Super Saiyan. He was in a fight with Android 19 and was initially losing. However, when he made the transformation to super Saiyan, 19 had absolutely no chance and Vegeta easily defeated him.

As we all know, Vegeta can be a bit of a badass at some times. He not only killed 19 but also ripped his arms off.

4. Goku’s Arrival ( 28th episode of the 1st season)

best dragon ball z episodes - Goku's Arrival

This episode is special because here one of the most loved characters of the show, Goku makes his first appearance. We also get to see the beginning of a great relationship between Piccolo and Gohan.

However, the highlight of the episode was the way Goku defeated Nappa, who was one of the strongest Saiyans at that time. Even Vegeta was impressed with Goku’s strength.

5. Final Atonement ( 18th Episode of 8th season)

Final Atonement - dragon ball z episodes

This is one of the most emotional episodes in the entire series. Vegeta was a villain but he was still loved by everyone because he tried to change himself. In the early parts of the season, he accepted evil power in order to become more powerful.

We all thought that he was going back to the dark side. However, he redeemed himself when he sacrificed his life to save his entire family from the powerful enemy Buu.

6. Saiyan Sized Secret ( 31st episode of the Vegeta Saga)

 Saiyan Sized Secret - dragon ball z episodes

This is the 31st episode of the Vegeta Saga. It is famous for the epic battle between two of the most powerful characters, ” Goku” and ” Vegeta”. Vegeta was winning the battle initially.

However, Goku uses his special move, ” triple kaioken”, in spite of knowing the fact that this move could damage his entire body. Watch the series to know how he finally succeeds.

7. The Long Awaited Fight ( 11th episode of 8th season)

best dragon ball z episodes - The Long Awaited Fight

This is another episode which deals with a fight between Goku and Vegeta. However, this time both are Super Saiyans and the battle is even more brutal and dangerous.

This fight is considered as the best ever battle in the entire series, making this one of my favorite Dragon Ball Z episodes.

8. Another Super Saiyan ( 13th Episode of 4th Season)

 Another Super Saiyan - dragon ball z episodes

In this episode, we are introduced to the strange sword fighter, Trunks who is also a Super Saiyan. After Goku, Trunks was the second Super Saiyan which we got to see.

He easily defeated his rival, Frieza and sliced him with his sword. It’s a thrilling episode and a must watch.

9. Super Saiyan 3 ( 26th Episode of 8th season)

 Super Saiyan 3 - dragon ball episodes

This is the episode where Goku reaches the 3rd level of Super Saiyan. Before this, everyone thought that the 2nd level was the maximum which you can attain and no one believed that it is possible to reach the 3rd stage.

On attaining the 3rd stage, he fought Buu, who finally found an equally strong opponent. The episode glues the audience to their seats, becoming one of the most popular episodes.

10. Spirit Bomb Triumphant ( 33rd episode of 9th season)

 Spirit Bomb Triumphant - dragon ball z episodes

In this episode, the final battle takes place between Goku and Buu. Goku finally killed Buu with his powerful move “Spirit Bomb”.

But it was a bittersweet episode because it also marked the end of this amazing series.

These were 10 of the most happening and memorable episodes in the series (of course, according to me). However, the other episodes are also great and one should watch them as well. Is there any other episode that you loved more than the ones I have mentioned above? What is your opinion about the whole series of Dragon ball and Dragon Ball Z episodes? Which amongst them is better? Do share your feedback and opinion with us, using the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!