The clothing industry is one of the oldest of all time. Today, there are some trusted fashion brands which are on the top in terms of popularity, manufacturing, and sales. In the last few decades, the world has seen an unbeatable emergence of fashion trends and fabrics and few of the brands have achieved unmatched popularity across the world to become the biggest sellers. 2018 has ended and it is again the time to watch a slew of new styles from the top fashion brands that will take the forefront of the fashion world.

Top 10 Amazing Wearable Fashion Brands

Considering the quality, trendsetting and perfection, here are the top ten brands of wearable fashion likely to dominate the industry in 2019:


Fashion brands - PRADA

Established in 1913 by an Italian leather manufacturer Mario Prada, this luxury brand is the most wished for among girls. It is an expensive clothing brand famous for its unique style, design and color intended to make every girl feel special.

Prada is among those brands that constantly bring up some nostalgia due to some of the most popular styles they gave to the fashion world in the past. Prada was considered to be a huge favorite for its accessories among the general public. The brand was seen to lose a bit of popularity over the last few years. However, it seems to be on its way back in 2019 with its latest line of nylon products.

2. Fendi


Though Fendi has always managed to maintain a reputation in the fashion world, the brand had somewhat dimmed in terms of popularity it had with celebrities and non-celebrities. However, it has recently garnered some resurged attention with young celebs sporting some of the most stylish clothing products from the brand.

Fendi logo is making its way back in a massive way. Gigi and Bella Hadid were seen sporting a classic look in Fendi and people are checking out what this giant would bring out for 2019.

3. Gucci


One of the biggest clothing brands in the world, Gucci has been involved in making high-quality pieces worth wearing for a red carpet event. It is one of the most expensive fashion brands and known to produce luxury, rich clothing.

Harry Styles was seen wearing a Gucci suit in red floral print from the autumn 2015 collection and it created a buzz on social media. With Styles becoming the new face of Gucci, it is expected to do something big in 2019.

4. Chanel

A fashion brand which has become iconic in the minds of the people, Chanel is well-known for its line of women clothing. The brand makes sure that women feel comfortable and confident in their dresses. This expensive brand was once associated with the older generation with Vintage Chanel suits being in fashion for a long time.

In the past years, however, the brand has experienced a resurgence as younger celebrities are seen sporting it. After seeing Bella Hadid and other young celebs sporting the brand, the logo has started making its mark in the minds of younger fashionistas. It is expected to be a huge hit in 2019 with an entire generation of new fans.

5. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The most expensive brand in the world, Louis Vuitton is known for its leather works. This luxury brand produces ready to wear dresses, trench coats, shoes and accessories like watches, jewelry, sunglasses and much more. While many fashion brands have come and gone, Louis Vuitton is a brand that has managed to grow into a staple in the fashion world.

A number of celebrities have endorsed Louis Vuitton over the years in various ways from starring in their ad campaigns to wearing the label on the red carpet. Recently, Virgil Abloh disclosed the Spring 2019 collection of Louis Vuitton and the show captured a lot of attention, ensuring the domination of the brand this year.

6.  BIBA


An Indian fashion brand established in 1986, BIBA has been known for fashionable ethnic wear offered at affordable prices. Started as a clothing business from home by a lady, this brand has grown to be one of the most loved ethnic clothing brands in India. It currently has over 150 brand outlets and 225 multi-brand facilities. It also sells outfits at numerous online stores for convenience.

You can also check out the collection of ethnic wear at Stylecaret to find some of the most stylish, affordable fashion pieces online. BIBA has also pioneered Bollywood merchandising in India and has worked for a number of projects for hit movies.

7. Van Heusen

Van Heusen

A brand appreciated by millions of youngsters all over, Van Heusen has given some of the best apparel styles in the past years for latest trends. The best thing about them is they are growing continuously due to the elegant designs and quality products which are popular across the world.

They have changed the meaning of urban clothing and gained a reputation as one of the most loved brands all over.

8. Provogue


Another popular men’s fashion brand, Provogue has attracted the attention of a large number of people for its high-quality clothing products. They manufacture jeans, shirts, suits, trousers and t-shirts for men. There are numerous stores located across various cities in India. It has also launched an e-commerce business portal.

Customers can buy Provogue products from online shopping sites and apps. It has recently introduced a range of sunglasses, deodorants, and watches to complement its clothing collection.

9. Lee


Known for its unique style of clothes and accessories, Lee has gained a lot of popularity largely because of the high-quality jeans it manufactures. Presently, Lee has made a unique presence in almost all parts of the world. What makes this brand stand out from others is its amazing combination of great quality and low prices.

Apart from their popular denim jeans, one can shop for every kind of casual wear ranging from shorts and cargos to shirts and t-shirts and much more. They are here to stay in 2019 as well.

10. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

With more and more people getting familiar with the latest trends in fashion, Allen Solly has gained millions of fans and customers. One of the most impressive things about this brand is that they don’t just provide men and women collection but offer kids wear at all their major stores.

An excellent brand for any age, Allen Solly provides fashion accessories in addition to clothing products. An initiative of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle, it is one of the biggest and the fastest growing fashion brands and a big player in the retail fashion sector. The company’s portfolio covers product lines ranging from mass-market, affordable to high-end, luxurious styles.

These are the top ten wearable brands expected to dominate the fashion world in 2019. The world of clothing has turned into a fashion business where we see new inventions each day. The competition among brands to maintain the position and follow the trend would definitely grow with time.