Everyone is aware of the most popular mainstream Pokemon Games – the recent augmented reality sensation Pokemon Go, Pokemon X & Y, Pokemon Black & White, the list is endless. However, for those of of you who have exhausted all those titles or are simply looking for something outside the mainstream, there are some really great Fan Games out there that offer alternative storylines to those offered by the Official releases and that can really get quite thrilling. Read on for a list of some best Fan Made Pokemon Games from recent years.

Best Fan Made Pokemon Games

Have a look at few of the Best Fan Made Pokemon Games.

1. Pokemon Reborn – Dark And Gritty

Best Fan Made Pokemon Games
This is a truly thrilling and unique version of the Pokemon we all know and love. Set in Reborn city, this game offers a dark and gritty mythology dealing with some very adult issues. Reborn city is considered to have once been a prosperous and bustling city which is now stooped low with crime, disease and pollution. Team Meteor, the chief villains of the story, are a group of terrorists who are intent on destroying the city and taking lives.

Pokemon Reborn is also quite challenging and complex because your Pokemon can’t be arbitrarily ground down to beat the bosses, because there are level-caps in place, exceeding which the Pokemon would stop obeying your commands and go rogue.

2. Pokemon Insurgence – Mega Game

pokemon-insurgence-Fan Made Pokemon Game
This is another fan made game with a slightly darker twist, being as it is about cultists. However, the most exciting thing about this game, as opposed to the official releases is its array of features. The official games do introduce features, but they are generally one-off features that don’t carry over to the next games that come along. As such, while the different games may have cool new features of their own, it’s disappointing that we can’t experience ALL those features all at once. Well, at least we couldn’t… until now, thanks to this cool new fan made game.

In this version of Pokemon we can find a lot of the features we’ve come to love over years of Pokemon official releases, however it’s jam packed into one mega game! Customizations, Mega Evolution, Armored Pokemon, Nuzlocke Run! You name it, this game has it all, and more. Undoubtedly, Pokemon insurgence is one of the best fan made pokemon games.

3. Pokemon Light Platinum – Gripping

pokemon-light-platinum-Fan Made Pokemon Game
If you are too attached to Pokemon as it is, and don’t want to get distracted by these crazy different games, then Pokemon Light Platinum is a safe bet for you. Built along the likeness of Pokemon Ruby, with impressive graphics, Pokemon Light Platinum can keep any fan occupied for several hours.

This game offers a wide range of Pokemon, along with some cool new gyms and other regions, 16 gym badges, two Pokemon Leagues and a world championship. If you want the thrill of classic Pokemon but in a new setting, this is the best fan made pokemon games.

4. Pokemon Brown – With Notorious Vintage

pokemon-brown-Fan Made Pokemon Game
Another safe and familiar bet. This game has been around for over a decade and is a good example of vintage Pokemon, having gained notoriety and acclaim amongst the earlier Pokemon fans.

Set in the made-up region of Rijon, it features some updated graphics, the ability to run and a wide variety of Pokemon. As far as the script is concerned it follows a familiar beat as the mainstream Pokemon, however, that is its very appeal.

5. Pokemon Advanced Adventure – Dark Fantasy

pokemon-advanced-adventure-Fan Made Pokemon Game
Another weird and strange mutation of the Pokemon mythology that naturally arises out of the general Pokemon structure of facing off against rivals, beating eight gym leaders and conquer the elite four. In this case, your rivals are Blood thirsty psychopaths and the protagonist was a poor and destitute boy who once had to eat nothing but dirt for a week in a desperate move to survive.

This game, even as it follows the standard Pokemon style and structure, twists it ever so slightly to give it a dark and gritty narrative. That is part of the pleasure of this wonderfully dark fantasy.

6. Pokemon Rejuvenation – Captivating

pokemon-rejuvenation-Fan Made Pokemon Game
This follows along the beats set out by Pokemon Reborn, it is dark and wonderfully strange. However, where this particular game comes ahead is in the fact that it puts a lot of focus on Character development and Story arcs. The game begins with the protagonist’s mother being taken, after which you are forced to become a gym trainer to figure out why she was taken away.

Because of its rich character mythology and narrative arcs, Pokemon Rejuvenation becomes an extremely engaging and immersive experience.

7. Pokemon Infernal Red and Natural Green – Adventurous

This is a remake of FireRed and LeafGreen, employing the kind of graphics used in Black and White.

It includes a lot of features such as mega evolutions and fairy-type Pokemon. It even incorporates some new story arcs, making for some fresh adventures.

8. Pokemon Ash Gray – Addictive

pokemon-ash-gray-Fan Made Pokemon Game
This is bound to be a favorite amongst many Pokemon fans, mostly because it employs the nostalgia element to such good effect, simulating Ash’s journey in the classic and immortal animated series which we were all addicted to as kids.

You already know what you’re getting into with this particular game. Train and capture Pokemon with Pikachu eternally on your trail.

9. Pokemon Toxic Purple- At Lavender Town

pokemon-toxic-purple-Fan Made Pokemon Game
Here’s a great and welcome divergence from the tried and tested Pokemon we all love. For once, you get to see the world through the eyes of your favorite villains, Team Rocket. Accompany them through Lavender Town, be one of adorable bad guys for once.

This game is, unfortunately, incomplete and abandoned, however whatever we do have is worth treasuring.

10. Pokemon Dark Rising – Quite Convoluted

pokemon-dark-rising-Fan Made Pokemon Game
Pokemon dark Rising is an especially difficult and complex addition to the series with the difficulty level bumped way up. It’s quite trying even getting to the first gym leader, and it comes with one of the most enticing opening lines:

“You are a young Pokemon Trainer in Core Region. The game plot starts when you sleep and have a strange dream. You see a strange Pokemon that appears incidentally in your dream but you don’t know or meet it before. This Pokemon says it chooses you to be its owner and wants you to save it and the world.”

With such an opening sequence and such gripping story line this is one the best fan made pokemon games and it is impossible to say a no to it.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Best Fan Made Pokemon Games. Try them out and I am sure you will have a fun time playing them too.

Do you know about any other pokemon game that you feel is more engaging or thrilling than the one updated above? Do let us know through the comment section below.