Psychic Pokemon, inclusive of the best psychic Pokemon, are a really strong type of Pokemon as they are immersed in the upper echelons of the Pokemon world and have abilities that make them a great asset to any team.

They are great team players as they can communicate well with others, however, even the best psychic type pokemon generally come with really poor defenses which make them often weak and vulnerable before other Pokemon. They are also powerless against the Dark type Pokemon.

Top 10 Best Psychic Pokemon (Most Powerful)

Here’s a list of some of the best Psychic Pokemon out there.

#1.  Mewtwo – Genetic Species

Best Psychic Pokemon - MewTwo

This is one of the only Manmade Pokemon out there, created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew. In turn, he ends up creating something far more powerful. Mewtwo has the ability to take all powers away from other Pokemon which means that all the special abilities that Pokemon have, which gives them an edge over others, is taken from them, leveling the battlefield entirely.

As he is genetically engineered by a man, Mewtwo also understands mankind’s weaknesses and strengths and can use that to its own advantage. The only way to defeat Mewtwo is to go back in time and stop Dr.Fuji from creating it in the first place.

#2.  Gardevoir – Embrace Species

Gardevoir - best psychic type pokemon

Gardevoir is a Pokemon of stunning beauty, but don’t let that fool you, she is also one of the strongest Pokemon out there.

With a 125 special attack and an 115 special defense, Gardevoir can go head to head with any of the bulkier and mightier looking Pokemon out there without so much as denting her pretty gown. She comes with a storehouse of special fairy abilities and is a Queen who defends her party with a maternal instinct.

#3.  Alakazam – Psi Species

Alakazam- best psychic type pokemon

He mostly earns his place on this list because of his high total stat of 490, and the fact that he can absorb others abilities and thus have Psychic, dark, ghost, thunder, or fire Pokemon abilities, making for a one-shoe-fits-all option.

Some of his special abilities are the Iron Tail, Attract, and Torment, Dazzling Gleam with which to tame dragons, among others. However, training him takes a major understanding of his unique abilities, a failure to do so could result in a pretty inept Pokemon.

#4.  Espeon – Sun Species

Espeon - best psychic type pokemon

Espeon, the mysterious and graceful cat-like Pokemon has a strong Eevee fanbase. And it isn’t hard to see why. She is modest and quiet, but when the time comes around she can kick some serious butt with a speed at 110 and a 130 special attack.

She is a mono Pokemon though, so she only has Psychic powers. The power she has such a wealth that the lack of other skills becomes a nonissue. For example, she can pass her Baton Pass to other team members and thus makes for a great team player and can supply other Pokemon with skills to add to their strengths. She has a total stat of 525.

#5.  Claydol – Clay Doll Species

Claydol - best psychic pokemon

Claydol has a base stat of 500 and his biggest strength is actually its defense, almost making for a completely formidable exterior that is nigh on impossible to crack.

Another great aspect of Claydol is his flexibility and adaptability, as he can learn both ground and rock moves such as Earthquake and Rock Tomb. And when he advances to level 36, he can even learn hyper beam.

#6.  Metagross – Iron Leg Species

Metagross - best psychic pokemon

This is a Psychic and Steel Pokemon. However, ‘steel’ would be a disservice to this Pokemon as he seems made of the strongest Titanium and even looks impossible to so much as leave a dent upon. He has a huge defense point, which is natural considering the exterior, but that exterior gives it such an advantage that its base attack points are just 5 points behind the defense!

It takes at least two to take down this hulking beast. Even if you use yours strongest Pokemon you don’t stand a chance because he can wield his secret power Explosion which no Pokemon can survive.

#7.  Deoxys – DNA Species

Deoxys - best psychic pokemon

This is a great Pokemon to use for its shape-shifting abilities and the fact that it’s a great combination of attack and agility. He can change his form and with that, he can alter his stats as well. For example, he can take the form of a tank to become indestructible and send his defense points soaring high.

Its greatest form is in the Defensive mode as he can ward off any attacks from the strongest of Pokemon.

#8.  Latios – Eon Species

Latios - best psychic pokemon

This is a Dragon and Psychic Pokemon and many people believe that he should be far higher on the list. Many believe that he can easily defend Metagross and Alakazam, however, although he has a strong overall defense, strength, and agility, he doesn’t especially trump over the rest in any one crucial aspect, which puts him at a disadvantage.

But even so, he deserves a place on this list for his rounded nature and skills, which can certainly be a helpful addition to a team.

#9.  Mew – New Species

Mew - best psychic pokemon

He was the first Pokemon to ever be created and as such deserves an honorary mention on this list for being such a Pioneer. Since it’s like the forefather of all other Pokemon it can pretty much learn any of the moves of other Pokemon, which proves really helpful.

Mew can also become invisible or take up the shape of any other Pokemon which makes him both extremely rare and extremely valuable.

#10. Wobbuffet – Patient Species

Wobbuffet - best psychic pokemon

Wobbuffet is an ultimate Troll of the Pokemon universe. Its greatest strength is actually all of its weaknesses. While he has a ridiculously high HP, he has negligible stats in all other areas.

This can make it easy to underestimate him, but that would be a mistake, because he is the most unpredictable of all the Pokemon out there, and always makes sure to defer his opponents in the most unpredictable and silly way possible.

So these are some of the best Psychic Pokemon out there. Do let us know which of these best psychic Pokemon you most love, who you find most terrifying, and feel free to comment down below who you think should or shouldn’t have made it to this list. We’d love to hear from you!

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