Pokemon GO‘ is a new smartphone game downloadable on iPhone and Android devices that lets you Travel between the real world and the virtual world to catch the Pokemon. This was a much awaited game and this is finally available! With this you’ll discover Pokemon in a whole new world—your own world!. Pokemon GO is built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform and this uses real locations to discover Pokemon. This will encourage players to search for Pokemon’s in all sorts of places as they walk around the city allowing you to find and catch more than a hundred species of Pokemon as you walk around your surroundings. As the game is out it turns out, people have been finding Pokemon is some pretty strange, hilarious, funniest places. Find below the best funniest Pokemon go pictures that was collected from the social media postings.

10 Best Funniest Pokemon Go Pictures

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Though Pokemon Go is out only selected countries and in just few days, the internet is already full of amazing photos from the game. Pokemon Go uses the smartphone’s camera and GPS to make it look like Pokemon truly exist in the real world. You use the GPS signal to track them, and through the camera the game joins an animated Pokemon character on top of real video recording of your surroundings. So you can find Various Pokemon characters in your pantry, on the bus, in your car, on the road etc. The best funniest Pokemon Go pictures listed above are the ones collected from the social media postings.  Also take a look at few strange looking Pokemon’s here. Hope you enjoyed going through the pictures. Go ahead and download the games on your smartphones and enjoy playing.