Admit it, we’ve all had that fantasy wherein you picture yourself in a nice country farmhouse, away from civilization, living amidst bales of hay, riding horses across neat valleys and plains dressed in plaid, jeans, and boots. I know! For most people, especially those living in cities, that is a ridiculous fantasy to actually hope for. Plus, I can guarantee you that most of the people, if they achieved such a fantasy, would give it up in a week, if not sooner. The allure and addiction of modern living and the city life is too strong, and while a ranch house life with Horse Breeding Games might be a nice escape.

However, one of the main attractions of the ranch house life, can be experienced from your very living room in a big city or wherever you are. You don’t even have to walk out your bedroom door. And that is possible with a whole variety of Virtual Horse Breeding Games that have recently gained attraction and popularity. With them you can lead the ranch life, breeding Horses, training them, and finally riding them.

These are great games for children to indulge in as well as adults cause they’re fun, of course, they fulfill your deep-set childhood fantasies, they cost a hell of a lot less than the ownership of a horse for single day would cost, and unlike most virtual world, they aren’t stressful and high on violence or puzzles. It’s a nice pleasant experience for you to have on your own or in the company of friends!

Top 10 Virtual Horse Breeding Games

These are some of the coolest games in the genre that we could dig up for you:

  1.  Star Stable

    star-stable-virtual horse breeding game

This is one of the best horse related games out there, with some great graphics, which is pleasant and dreamy in nature, and a cool story line full of magnificent adventures wherein you have to battle evil incorporations that want to mine the land, and embark on other cool missions. Set in the fictional world of Jorvik, you can choose to name and dress your character and horse however you like, interact with other players in this virtual world, create friendships and gain reputation with every mission that you finish. You can play the game here.

  1.  Pony Box

    pony-box-horse breeding game

This is a free online Horse simulator game. It it you get to manage your own stable of horses and prepare them for competitive games. The competitive games include realistic sports such as Dressage, Polo, Cloud Jumping, and other sports taken from their real world counterparts.

  1. Let’s Ride Champions Collection

    lets-ride-champions-collection-horse breeding game

This is another game which seeks to imbibe real world championships into its fictional narrative. You can participate in a set of events, train your horses and practice your skills in the various sports. There are two major riding events, called “Equestriad” and “Riding Star”, one of them being a Three Day Riding event, in which you can participate in Dressage, Show Jumping, etc, and are offered points, commentary, etc, for all your attempts, which makes it feel very real.

However, the game can get slightly wearying after a while as the commentary tends to start overlapping and become repetitive, as well as the game itself. You can check out the reviews and buy here.

  1.  Riding Club Championship

    riding-club-championship-horse breeding game

This is a Free to play, Facebook game, and it comes with great graphics and an ability to level up, based on obedience points, skills, etc. You can choose your own gender and appearance, train your horse, practice your skill sets, and make an attempt to lower your timing at the practice events. It is most fun and interactive when you have friends to play with and compete with. Go through the game guide to understand this better.

  1.  Horseland – Online Horse Game

    horseland-horse breeding game

This is a really old Horse game and as such lags behind on the graphics department, though for all you vintage lovers who prefer an old school feel to your games this is perfect. This is like a Sims but with horses, as you get to build your own 3D Jump Course, breed horses and dogs as well, and then ride them around the world of your very own creation. Check here for the online horse game.

  1.  My Horse Farm – Welcome to Trottersville

    my-horse-farm-horse breeding game

As opposed to the championship games, this stands out because this offers a very real feel of what it would be like to run a ranch. You get to breed your horses, produce foals, train them using a variety of techniques such as the Bridle Paths and Obstacle Courses. You can even sell them later, manage your money to get more equipments and tools that can buy better horses, and as such you have to improve upon your ranch until you have a collection of World Championship level Horses.

  1. Horse Isle

    horse-isle-horse breeding game

This is even more exhaustive than other virtual Horse Breeding games. In this you can even catch your own wild horse, then train it, breed it and build your own Sim Ranch. You can even solve story based missions, post poetry and artworks and decide which breed your Horse is gonna’ be.

This Horse Isle game series uses learning elements while progressing through the games. These actually focuses around reading, intellectual capacity, spelling, mathematical calculation, science, and problem solving.

  1.  Riding Academy 1

    riding-academy-1-horse breeding game

This is another interesting variation on the genre. In this game you adopt the persona of the Protagonist, Paige, who has won a scholarship to a Horse Riding Boarding School. The School teaches you various valuable things you need to learn about caring for and riding horses, and completing in tournaments.

You also get to interact with other students of the academy, some of whom are helpful and friendly, and others who are jealous of your rising rank. Part of this Virtual horse breeding games involves learning how to deal with their jealousy in a productive manner. You can download the game from here.

  1.  A Virtual Horse

    a-virtual-horse breeding game

Considered to be a premier online horse breeding game, in it you can breed your horses, learn interesting things about their breeds, colour and genetics. You can even build your own ranch house and virtual track and train your horses in them. You can play the game here

  1.  Equine-Ranch

    Virtual Horse Breeding Games

This is probably the most realistic and complicated of all the virtual horse breeding games out there, which actually needs real skill and knowledge to play. You get to choose from among 247 breeds, in 11 disciplines and move through 7 different competitions. You get to train, sell, buy, or manage your horses and eventually compete against other players from around the world. Check out the game here.

Each of the above Virtual Horse Breeding Games is different and gives the player a unique experience. Enjoy playing them and share your experience with us.