League of Legends is an extremely popular game with 27,000,000 daily players. The emphasis on free-to-play combined with the huge amount of playable characters justifies the playerbase. A huge game like this would have to have a load of fun secrets, facts and trivia, I’ve collected 10 of the best, see if you know them all!





10. Tower Buster

The champion Twitch is currently the only champion who can successfully damage two turrets at once. This is done by using his ultimate “Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat” while facing in line with two or more turrets.





9. Vilemaw

On the Twisted Treeline map, there is a powerful enemy called Vilemaw. He looks like a tough cookie and you shouldn’t even try to face him until you’ve grown powerful yourself. He has a different side though, if you and a friend use the “/dance” command in front of him, he dances too!





8. Braum the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut skill is located in the Defense mastery perk that grants a 3% bonus to your maximum health. What is quite trivial is the resemblance of the Juggernaut art to the champion Braum. I’m not 100% sure this has been confirmed but it is interesting nonetheless.





7. Vi and Jinx

Vi is a villain turned good and Jinx is just a villain, to the people of their city Piltover anyway. They’re rivals and you can see the difference in their art. Vi’s art (top) is of her standing in Piltover whereas Jinx’s is the exact same picture but the city is destroyed.





6. Ninjas Work Alone

There is a hidden passive in League of Legends that reduces “ninja” type champions health by 1 for each other ninja on their team. You have to love these kind of features, meaningless to the gameplay but add an extra level of depth.





5. Malphite’s Fist

Malphite is an awesome looking tank champion, he was one of the first characters I’ve played but I didn’t notice this the first time. If you’ve played him a few times or just have a keen eye, you’ll see that when he used his “Ground Slam” attack, the fist imprinted on the ground is actually Riot Games’ logo!





4. Fear

The Fear effect causes an opponent to walk away from your opponent whilst also having their movement speed reduced. There’s quite a few “scary” champions and I’m surprised this effect isn’t utilised by more of them. The only champions who can make use of the Fear effect are Shaco, Volibear, Fiddlesticks (shown) and Nocturne





3. Pentakills

Ah, the good old pentakill. I’ve never got one myself, then again I’m not really a good player (only level 15 at the moment). I’ve only ever seen them in Player vs Easy bot games, I’ve seen them on YouTube too, some of the pentakills people get are ridiculous. The official odds of witnessing and getting a pentakill have been released. The chance of simply witnessing a pentakill are 1 in 150, the chances of you getting a pentakill yourself is a huge 1 in 1500. Obviously this doesn’t mean that no matter how good you are, you will only get one every 1500 games, but I think it was taken from the amount of games per pentakill or so.





2. Leona hates the shades

The Radiant Dawn champion uses the power of the sun to help her in battle. What does the sun hate? Sunglasses!

Leona gets a damage drop of 1 against characters wearing sunglasses (even skins), so think about that the next time you try to fight Vayne.





1. The rarest skin

Skins are one of the main contributors to the income of League of Legends. If you don’t have skins, you want skins. They can make your favourite champion so much more awesome looking or give them exclusive animations. Some skins are only limited edition so it’s difficult for players to obtain them. Some website charge money for skins, which is fine if you REALLY want it, but some skins are obtainable without spending money.

The rarest skin is PAX Twisted fate. The code for this was given out at one of the very first league of legends conventions bearing in mind this was not a popular game at that time. So the very few people who did attend and get the code and kept it are very lucky as very are the few people who actually has this skin now.




Hope you enjoyed the list!