There are so many weapons to choose from in the latest Battlefield game, there’s a weapon to fit everyone’s playstyle whether you’re a camper or like to rush. However, some weapons are much stronger than others making the less powerful weapons almost useless. We’ve collected the 10 best weapons in the game and put them in rank. We take pretty much everything into account, like easiness to obtain, look/feel etc.




10. AK-12

This is the first weapon you get when choosing the Assault class. It has the single highest Stability stat of all but one (SAR-21) of the assault rifles, making it perfect for those who find it difficult to aim. It also has a respectable 680 RPM (rounds per minute) and an average magazine size of 30.




9. SRR-61

The Intervention of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 makes an appearance in this game. It has incredibly good bullet drop rate meaning those headshots will be easy at even extreme ranges, its damage is very good too. The reason it’s on this list is because of its great usage at close range, you can quick scope easily because of the damage and accuracy but can just switch to your side-arm and get a nice one shot kill if you don’t kill them in the first place. The only downside is the 7 round magazine and unbearably low rate of fire, meaning taking down multiple targets will be very difficult.





This weapon has a 20 round magazine, which will seem bad, but the other stats more than make up for it. The damage, hip fire, accuracy and range are very high, meaning you’ll have no problem dropping 1 or 2 people at any range. The rate of fire is 620 RPM which is on the low side, but the damage is so high at close range that it doesn’t matter, and it only helps to make the gun more controllable at longer ranges.




7. MG4

This gun is so enjoyable to use. For starters, it has a base magazine size of 200, meaning you rarely have to reload. It also has a very good rate of fire of 800, combine this with the magazine size and you have a very lethal killing machine that is capable of dropping massive amounts of enemies. The downside is the recoil which can really leave you outgunned at longer ranges, but if you have the right accessories installed on it, then this is easily countered.




6. SKS

Bet you’re surprised that a DMR is on this list, let me give you some stats. I’ll mention the low magazine size of 20, which is actually decent for DMRs, doesn’t help it, especially when it has a massive 333 RPM (which is again very high for DMRs).  Combine this with a damage of 34-43 depending on the range, and this weapon has one of the fastest time to kills in the game




5. AEK-971

This absolute beast has an average magazine size of 30, average damage, average everything. Besides this, this monster has a truly epic rate of fire of 900 RPM. This gun has one of the highest time to kills in the game and truly sets itself apart from nearly any other gun at close range. At long range is where it falters, however, it’s not that the stats are bad, it’s that the rate of fire is very difficult to use, usually you’d burst 2-5 shots at longe range targets but with this you shoot so fast that you’ll have to switch to single fire.




4. SAIGA-12K

This shotgun is amazing, it has a RPM of 200 which is above average for a shotgun but the killing potential is incredibly high. The other stats depend on what kind of shot you’re using but I wouldn’t use anything other than buckshot or slug (I wouldn’t use any other on any shotgun to be honest). You want the ERGO grip, laser sight and optic of your choice for this. It has great range so combine this with great hip fire and you’ll get plenty of kills. Great for taking out those pesky bipod campers.




3. ACE 21 CQB

This was a big toss up between the ACE 21 and the ACE 52 but for me the 21 just feels better. It’s a Carbine so it’s available to any class, it has a very good rate of fire of 770 RPM but it also has a magazine size of 35. Those extra 5 bullets can really make a difference between life or death. The rest of the stats are pretty great, in fact the single only downside is that it doesn’t have burst fire mode.




2. AWS

I love this gun, everyone loves this gun. It has barely any recoil and a rate of fire of 800 RPM, which means it can drop people at any and all ranges. Obviously, as an LMG, it has all of the LMG drawbacks but if you use it how it should be used, you’ll rarely see them. I think it looks great too, I mean look at that ammo clip!




1. ACE 23

The bigger brother of the ACE 21, the ACE 23 is by far the best gun in the game. With a rate of fire of 770 RPM, a magazine size of 30 and pretty much nothing special about any of the other stats, you may be thinking why? It’s not that it’s the best at anything, it’s that it is good at everything. This gun is completely unsituational (sorry if that’s not a real word), which means it’s useful in every situation instead of a certain few. A fitting title to a truly great gun.



I’d like to point out that although these guns certainly are great statistic-wise, this list is completely in my opinion. If you really disagree with any then leave a comment below. Also, different players have their own playstyles, so there’s a chance that all of these weapons won’t serve you well at all. Happy killing BF4 Players!



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