Many people have different play styles when it comes to Call of Duty games and find that they prefer weapons differently to what other people use. Some people prefer heavy weapons to Snipers and so on. In this list we will look at weapons from a very strict point of view and that is from their base stats and how they will be used to your advantage.

So with that being said here is a list of the Top 10 Best Guns in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.



10) MK14 (Assault Rifles)


This Semi Automatic rifle packs a powerful punch if you can play with it properly. With it being semi automatic it won’t be for everyone but it can easily take down someone with 3 shots and with it having very high accuracy you shouldn’t have any trouble doing that!



9) PYTAEK (Heavy Weapons)


This fully automatic gun has the best accuracy in its class so this means you can sit at the back of your team or find a good hiding spot so you can pick off enemy players as they come towards you. It also reduces its recoil over time which will help you with them long-range kills.



8) EM1 (Heavy Weapons)


This gun shoots a consistent beam of energy and has the highest damage output of all the heavy weapons. Not only this but it doesn’t even need to reload as it overheats instead. So if you manage to use this gun correctly you will cause a real problem for the enemy team.



7) Bulldog (Shotgun)


This is pretty much a 1 hit kill shotgun. Having 19/20 damage output this is definitely a gun to fear! Being semi automatic means you can run through the enemy team killing them all without having to wait for it to pump for the next shot.



6) KF5 ( Sub-Machine Gun)


This is a fully automatic machine gun which has the highest damage in its class. Not only is it really easy to use and really powerful its first 3 rounds have increased damage!



5) IMR (Assault Rifle)


This gun has the highest damage of all the Assault Rifles and has a 4 round burst. This gun has the potential to kill someone with one 4 round burst by aiming at the head so if you can master this gun you can easily go and get large kill streaks.



4) MORS (Sniper Rifle)


As we all know a lot of people still like to quickscope with sniper rifles. This gun is perfect for just that with its ability to kill someone with 1 hit, this sniper is definitely the perfect tool to get some high kill streaks.



3) TAC-19 (Shotgun)


Ever been in that place where you run into someone on the enemy team and the second you notice they have a shotgun you know you are dead? Well this gun is exactly why that happens. Its high mobility and really high damage will get you to the enemy team very fast and all you will need to do is wait near a corner to pick up some easy kills.



2) MP-11 (Sub-machine Gun)


The purpose of a sub-machine gun is to get in to close quarter combat and kill the enemy team as fast as you can and this gun does exactly that!

It has the highest mobility of its class which will get you to the enemy team faster than any other gun and with its high fire rate and handling, killing the enemy team will be a breeze.



1) AK-12 (Assault Rifle)


This weapon has the highest mobility in its class as well as being an all rounded gun which makes it perfect for the use of an Assault Rifle. It is fully automatic and has moderately high range and with these being added together along with its high damage output, it easily puts it number 1 on this list.


So there you have it the Top 10 Best Guns in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I hope this helps with your game play and helps you win many games!