In the Pokemon world, water types are a cut below the rest of the types (besides some dual types). This is due to their huge weakness to grass and electricity, which, a lot of Pokemon can learn moves that utilise these weaknesses. Excluding the generic fish looking Pokemon, water types are some of the best designed and most interesting. Here’s our top 10 best water type Pokemon!


Bear in mind this is completely opinionated and doesn’t go just from how well they do in battle.



10. Omastar

This half rock type fossil Pokemon was one of the original 151 and was the first fossil Pokemon to some players. In battle it can hold its own, 495 total stats, an awesome base 125 defence stat paired with a 115 special attack stat looks good on paper but without the speed it’s not as viable as other water Pokemon. What’s sets it apart is the cult status it inherited thanks to the Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomena, players would “consult the helix fossil” in game and it ended up being regarded as a god.




9. Lapras

One of the more known water types to those not familiar with Pokemon, Lapras is recognised as a Pokemon used for travel rather than battle. With a typing of water and ice, it gets STAB (same type attack bonus of 50% damage to attacks of the same type) on ice beam which is incredibly helpful when dealing with grass/dragon types that would usually rip through water types. It has a very good stat total of 535 and a well balanced stat distribution allowing for various setups.



8. Greninja

Only introduced in the latest X and Y games, Greninja has become an extremely popular Pokemon. Being part dark type gives it a nice type effectiveness, or with the Protean ability you can have so many ways to use it. The stat total of 530 is pretty good, the stat distribution favours the attacking/speed stats which allows for a quick, hard hitting Pokemon. Greninja’s popularity has ensured it a spot in the latest Super Smash Bro’s game.




7. Lanturn

Having an awesome type set of water/electric, Lanturn is one of the best stalling Pokemon in the game. It only has two weaknesses (ground and grass), it has a huge amount of HP as well as decent special attack/defence. It doesn’t hit the hardest, but supposing your opponent doesn’t have any grass/ground moves/Pokemon you can be sure Lanturn will turn the tide of the battle heavily.





6. Tentracruel


A great all-round, easy to obtain, reliable Pokemon. Tentracruel has a great deal to offer, the poison secondary type allows access to moves like Toxic Spikes and Sludge Bomb, which is a good addition to any team. Its total stats of 515 is decent but the well rounded stat distribution makes it reliable in most situations. It looks awesome too!




5. Suicune

The first (but not only) single water type on the list. As one of the legendary dogs, it was pretty difficult to leave it out. It has an awesome defensively based 580 stat total and is one of the few legendaries not considered “overpowered”. It learns some pretty bizarre moves, such as Gust and Mirror coat, but overall is an awesome Poke. The annoying thing is catching it, with a base catch rate of 0.4% combined with the actual rarity, you won’t be seeing it that often.




4. Gyarados

We’ll ignore Mega Gyarados for the purposes of this list entry. Gyarados is probably the biggest surprise a Pokemon player has ever had, when they finally get that random useless Magikarp to level 20 and it evolves into this beast. The typing is pretty weird, being a flying type that can’t even learn fly (or any other flying type move), all it does it give it a huge weakness to electric but providing your opponent doesn’t have any electric moves, Gyarados can be a huge threat. It also has a decent 540 stat total with a high amount of attack and average other stats besides low special attack. Personally, Gyarados is one of my favourite Pokemon and I’m sure it’s high up the list of most people’s too.




3. Vaporeon

Only the second pure water type on the list, Vaporeon is one of the more overlooked eeveelutions (behind Flareon, who no one cares about :P). The stats are very good, high HP, high special attack and fairly good special defense means Vaporeon can go toe to toe with some electric/grass types. The ability Water Absorb means if you switch in at the right time, Vaporeon gets some health back too. Overall a great Pokemon and deserves to be this high up in the list!




2. Blastoise

One of the original starters and probably the first third stage evolution a ton of Pokemon fans ever saw, Blastoise is one of the most badass Pokemon in the series. In terms of stats, you could tell immediately by the look of it that it’s defensive based, but the rest of the stats aren’t too shabby. Combine Rain Dance, Skull Bash and Hydro Pump to deal out massive damage while taking barely any yourself, especially if you have the Rain Dish ability.




1. Kyogre

Had to be really, Kyogre is essentially the god of water in the Pokemon universe. Being a legendary, it will have high stats, 670 of them to be precise. The only real downsides are the defence and the speed, but with the Drizzle ability, the water of power attacks are considerably increased. It looks the part too, awesome colours involved making it one of the best looking legendaries out there and certainly the best water Pokemon.




So there we have it, let me remind you again that this is completely opinionated so I’m sorry if your favourite Pokemon isn’t on here.