Battlefield 4 is still going strong despite the last paid-for DLC being over a year old. DICE have rewarded the loyal players with tons of free content, bug fixing and updates. It’s now in a very stable condition and arguably the best AAA first person shooter on the market. Before all of these updates I made two previous top 10s but they are wildly outdated now. Here is an updated list of the top 10 best weapons in Battlefield 4!

How can you trust my opinion? I have 446 hours played, have mastered (500 kills) 23 weapons, have 23,000 total kills, a K/D of 1.58 and a rank of 121. I’m not a pro but I have a good feel for every gun and I am sure this list will be correct.

I’ve tried to include one of each class of weapons, otherwise the list would basically just be assault rifles.




This weapon is an absolute monster, it has increased damage for an assault rifle and a rate of fire of 700 RPM. This allows you to down enemies very quickly, if you get a headshot you can kill them before you can even react properly. The downsides are the huge amounts of recoil and tiny 20 round magazine, as well as the slow reload time which is why it’s only 10th on the list. However, if you’re even moderately decent with your accuracy you can go on massive killstreaks and decimate enemies with this weapon.



9. SAIGA 12K

Although the SAIGA doesn’t deal the most damage, I believe it’s the best shotgun in the game and one of the best guns. The reason for this is not in the stats but how dominant and mobile it is in close quarters. The short reload, high rate of fire capabilities allow you to keep going and getting kills where most other shotguns would fail. It took me just 4 hours to get the 500 kill mastery with this and that was before shotguns were buffed and even before I was any decent at the game. Try this out, stick to close quarters, keep moving and flanking and you’ll be surprised just how good this weapon is.



8. MPX

Before the fall patch, this gun might have made at least the top 5. It has a huge rate of fire of 850 which is blisteringly good in close quarters, especially when combined with the high damage it used to have because it required one less shot. To make up for the damage it had 5 less rounds in the magazine which was fair, the gun was exceptionally good. Recent updates nerfed the damage so it required 1 more shot and gave it 30 rounds in the magazine. The MPX is still a very good weapon and easily the best PDW in the game.



7. AK 5C

The only gun on this list that I haven’t mastered, the AK 5C is a very reliable weapon that can perform well in all situations. I’ve watched big YouTubers use this consistently, it’s the go-to carbine for those situations where you are unsure of what to use. It has good all around stats, very easy to control recoil and a modest 700 RPM.



6. SRR-61

Undoubtedly the best sniper rifle in the game, the SRR-61 strongly resembles the much-loved Intervention from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and is loved just as much in Battlefield. Every sniper requires you to learn the bullet drop to get those crucial headshots, this can be very difficult at longer ranges and lead to a lot of frustrating moments. Even if you do master the bullet drop you’ll never be able to land headshots as consistently as this weapon does. With the SRR-61 you aim for the head and get a one shot kill every time at almost any range. The rate of fire, reload speed and magazine size can put a lot of people off but as long as you’re not going into close range engagements without backup, they shouldn’t get anywhere near outweighing the advantages.



5. M249

There are a lot of very good LMG’s, the AWS is in for a very good shout but the M249 is simply too good to not be top. It has an 800 RPM rate of fire, combined with LMG damage and a 200 round magazine. You’re a walking death machine when you use this, it performs at all ranges and rips targets to shreds if you can get a good angle or place a bipod. The recoil is a bit sporadic but nothing you can’t control after a hundred kills or so.




4. AEK 971

Another weapon that has fallen since recent updates. The AEK is a high rate of fire beast but has been toned down a bit so it caters more to close quarters, rather than excelling at medium to long range as well. It is still a very effective weapon though and can out-perform most of the weapons on the list in closer ranges. The recoil, rate of fire and slow reload time means it gets out-gunned at longer ranges though which is why it has fallen down the list.



3. ACW-R

The ultimate close to medium range weapon, the ACW-R is staggeringly good and can make even the worst player feel like a professional. It has an 880 RPM rate of fire, 20 lower than the AEK 971 but what makes it stand out is the mobility and reload time. Due to it being a carbine, it has slightly faster aiming and movement speed. You can easily peak around a corner, spray down multiple enemies and jump back to cover before reloading quickly. It can do this at medium ranges too if you can control the recoil which is very manageable, overall it’s the best all around close to medium range weapon in the game!



2. M416

I feel like first and second place should really be a tie as these two weapons are incredible. Starting off with the M416, it’s a highly reliable, quick-killing weapon that will perform and get you towards the top end of the scoreboard. A very good rate of fire of 750 RPM, combined with low and easy to control recoil makes it ideal for players of all skill-levels. What makes it so great is the minuscule reload time which might as well be non-existent. It’s my personal favourite weapon and the one I have the most kills with. But is it the best?



1. ACE 23

The ACE23 retains the title as the best weapon in Battlefield 4. I’m sure you know all about it by now and will likely agree, being biased I personally believe that the M416 is better but the wide-spread opinion is that the ACE is too ace (best pun 2k15). The extra rate of fire makes the difference and puts it a cut above the previous entry. It also has 5 extra bullets in the magazine which doesn’t seem like much but makes a huge difference. It excels in every situation you can think of,  which is why it’s regarded as the best weapon in the game!