The latest installment of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic Fallout series has seen the RPG side reduced in favor of more of a shooter feel. While many don’t like these changes, it’s fair to say a lot more people do like Fallout 4. There are tons of great weapons in the game, most of which use different ammo types to each other so you can collect them all and rotate your inventory according to which ammo you have stockpiles of at the time. Here’s the top 10 best weapons in the game! Most of which are different types of weapons so you can use this list to compile the best weapon rotation!


10. Kellogg’s Pistol (Semi Auto Pistol)

How to obtain: (SPOILERS) To obtain this weapon you must kill Kellogg in the quest ‘Reunion’.

Base Damage: 57

Special Perks: Refills AP on CH

Fighting Kellogg can be challenging if you aren’t prepared, and since he is a Gen-Three Synth Courser, he can cloak himself and put up a challenging fight. But a rewarding benefit of defeating him, other than passing the quest, you get his pistol. Alongside the special stat, if used correctly, Kellogg’s Pistol (or Critical Thinker as I call it) can devastate any enemy in your way. If fully modded up, it can be used efficiently up until about level 35. The downside with the gun is that it uses .44 rounds, a rare ammo in the game.


9. Righteous Authority (Fusion Rifle)

How to obtain: (SPOILERS)  To obtain this weapon, you must follow a distress beacon to Cambridge Police Station where you meet Paladin Danse. After completing a few of their quests, he rewards you with this weapon.

Base Damage: 25

Special Perks: Double Damage on CH

Yet another good gun to acquire early in the game, the Righteous Authority is a brilliant gun to go around the wasteland without worry. It’s easier to get than Kellogg’s Pistol, but it does have a downside of lower damage, but it makes up with this by using fusion cells as ammo rather than .44 ammo that’s easy and cheap to come across, even more when you start to fight synths.



8. Furious Power Fist (Medium Hit Rate Melee)

How to obtain: To get this version of the power fist, you must kill Swan in Swan Park.

Base Damage: 57

Special Perks: 15% more damage with each consecutive melee hit

Melee weapons in this game are very well made, usually a good option to fall back on when you are all out of ammo. Most weapons are easy to acquire, usually by either buying them or hoping a random raider drops them, but this is one you can only get by killing Swan; a behemoth Super Mutant hiding in plain sight. This fight is challenging, but if you bring a lot of grenades and hide in alleyways, you should be fine. After killing him, loot the body to find a 57 damage wielding power beast, all yours to use.



7. Les Fusil Terribles (Power Shotgun)

How to obtain: To get this weapon, you must clear out the raider base called Libertaso, follow your way up some stairs and go to the captains quarters. In there, you will find a metal chest with the weapon inside.

Base Damage: 64

Special Perk: 25% more limb damage

In the game, a majority of shotguns are terrible no matter what you mod them with, their bad range and small magazine size can be unreliable, but there is one exception – Les Fusil Terribles. Don’t let the name fool you, this shotgun is killer up close and even at medium range can do some serious damage. As it being a shotgun, you will mainly use it up-close, and with the special perk of doing 25% more limb damage, your enemies don’t stand a chance



6. Deliverer

How to obtain: (SPOILERS) You must find the Railroad by following the Freedom trail, and after you meet Deacon, you receive the gun

Base Damage: 65

Special Perk: Improved VATS hit chance/25% AP refresh speed.

Around the Commonwealth, 10mm ammo is everywhere, though most guns that use it aren’t worth much of your time. But with the Deliverer, you can deliver (pun intended) a serious punch with it. If you use VATS often, whip out this gun in close quarters and hit multiple raiders at once. Along with this, the 25% Action Point refresh speed makes this weapon really useful. It’s a must-have in your inventory until you run out of ammo.



5/4. Overseer’s Guardian/Big Boy (Rifle + Fat Man Launcher)

How to obtain: OG – Alexis Combes sells it in Vault 81 for 3000 caps. BB – Arturo sells it in Diamond City for 15,000 caps

Base Damage: OG – 175 BB – 486

Special Perks: Both shoot double bullets for the price of one.

These two guns are some of the best in the game. The Overseers Guardian is a assault rifle while the Big Boy is a modified MIRV Fat Man. Both have very good damage outputs, clocking in at two of the highest one in the game. The OG uses .44 ammo, the rare ammo used in Kellogg’s Pistol, but this gun is more suited to playing the game wildly and not sticking to more closer quarters combat. If you get gun nut and rifleman perks high, you can devastate anything in nearly one shot.

The Big boy is just completely overkill, shooting 2 mini-nukes at once. It weighs a lot so it’s something you will want to store in your settlement until you’re about to face something like a Mirelurk Queen.



3. Spray n’ Pray (Full Auto MG)

How to obtain: You must buy it off Cricket at either Bunker Hill or Vault 81.

Base Damage: 48

Special Perks: It does 15 explosive splash damage with each shot.

If you’re into shooting at everything you see, first of all, why? Secondly, I may have a gun for you. Spray and Pray, which I call Deathclaw Legend, is named so because of its high rate of fire combined with the explosive damage, it just shreds Deathclaws to pieces in a magazine and a bit. The gun uses .45 ammo, a pretty common ammo type along the wasteland. If you can pick this up, go find a Deathclaw and fight it one on one, using nothing else but this gun, and then come back when you’ve killed ten more. It’s good, isn’t it?



2. Alien Blaster (Gamma Pistol)


How to obtain: Unknown! You randomly find a crashed saucer over near Abernathy Farm when you are (usually) above level 20. Still unknown on what triggers it.

Base Damage: 63

Special Perks: Very Rare

Its a disputed mystery on why and how this saucer crashes but eventually, you will find one crashing into the ground near Abernathy Farms. once you find it, you can see a wounded pilot, you must kill him for the gun. There is only 400 rounds you can use of the AB ammo, but if you get high science and gun nut perks, you can change it into fusion cells that it uses instead of the AB ammo




How to obtain: Random chance an enemy drops it.

Base Damage: 31

Special Perks: Flaming Samurai Sword which inflicts energy damage as well

What is not to love? A samurai sword that’s on fire! It intimidates your enemies as the flames light up your paths, and when used it cauterizes raiders wide open. It deals a good amount of damage, as well as some energy damage from the flames, so use it in a last stand situation or go around like a mad person and chop those bad guys in half!