League of Legends is one of the biggest multiplayer video games in the world which allows it to attract  a huge amount of gamers. For someone who has never touched a MOBA before, it is difficult to get the hang of it but it is a very enjoyable game. The huge array of champions is what keeps me playing as they’re all completely difference and can cater to any play style. I’ve put together a list of my 10 favourite champions, the twist on this is that I’m quite a noob so it might be interesting to get an opinion of a non-ranked player.

Some details before I start the list:

– I have never played Ranked so I’m not very skilled at all. I still don’t know most of the skills of half the champions.

– I only exclusively play against easy bots (if I’m just after a quick game for the daily bonus) or ARAM (it’s just too fun).

– I have less than two rows of champions owned.

– I like to buy skins for my very favourites (skins owned will be displayed on the list entries)

– I’m only level 18

– Some of these champions may not actually be any good but I enjoy the gameplay/using the champion more than playing competitively


With that out of the way, here’s the first entry!



10. Anivia

I wanted to buy Anivia a long time ago, a few weeks after first installing LoL. My friends advised that she would be too difficult to use so I put her aside for a while and eventually completely forgot about her. Then I was after a mage champion and decided to buy her after saving up and I never regretted it. I love using her, especially vs bots as her “egg” ability makes her basically invulnerable. For the first two games as her vs bots I never died and since then I’ve played several more games and only died a few times. Her Ultimate is awesome when combined with the blue jungle buff and I need to use her a lot more so I can get used to her abilities as I haven’t got the combos right yet.



9. Cho’Gath

I’ve only used him a few times, he doesn’t seem uber strong but he’s very fun to play. His abilities are very useful and the way he and his stats grow really benefit the team. Another champion I need to use more.



8. Garen

Garen was the first Champion I officially bought but I used him once, couldn’t work out how to use him effectively and didn’t touch him again. A few months later when I understand the game and the mechanics a bit more, I opened one of those mystery skin boxes and was rewarded with Commando Garen (shown above). I thought I have a skin for him now so I may as well use him, he’s slowly climbing my list of favourite champions but I need to use him in a pvp match before he goes any higher.



7. Blitzcrank

A week or two ago I jumped into a 5v5 with my friend and Blitz was on the champion rotation, I was laning with my friend who was going ADC so I thought it would be beneficial for me to go as Blitz. Since that game I’ve been saving up and have bought him recently because his abilities are so damn awesome. My favourite is his ultimate which passively deals damage to enemies around him, this combined with I believe it is Sunfire Cape (deals magic damage to enemies around him) and his tankiness, you have a formidable champion. Joy to use and I can’t wait to play him in my next game.



6. Brand

I love champions whose skills are completely based around dealing damage so Brand and I get along well. One of my biggest problems in LoL is my complete inability to last hit but with Brand I can pick up a handful of kills that I wouldn’t usually get. He’s my go-to champion if I want to do well in a match.


5. Ashe

Ashe was my favourite for most of my time on LoL, she was so easy to use but I hated the way she looked (hence the Heartseeker skin). At first, I found her E to be useless as I didn’t understand it but after playing a lot more pvp, it has become a very useful tool for me. One thing that lets her down is her passive and her Q. Her passive deals a crit every now and again which isn’t that good later on in the game, especially if you have been stacking crit chance. There’s nothing really wrong with her Q, it’s just not that good, the slow should have been reduced but made passive and when activated it should deal a bit more frost damage as magic damage (at the expense of mana). This would give her the damage output she surely needs. Also, lets not ignore those cross-map ultimates against enemies trying to recall/flee!



4. Vel’Koz

The only champion on this list I’ve only used once and I don’t actually own. I used him when he was on champion rotation a while back and I wrecked the enemy team. I ended up going 32/0/6 , granted against easy bots, but at the time I found it difficult to get more than 15 kills. His Battlecast skin looks amazing and I think it will be the next champion I save up for.



3. Vladimir

I rarely see people use Vladimir but for me he’s one of the most powerful champions in the game. His survivability is amazing, damage output is very high and he also looks awesome. There’s an item (I forget the name) that increases the amount of self-healing, this combined with a fully upgraded Q gives you immense healing with insane damage. I spend most of my play time hovering about 10% health as his abilities cost HP to use but his W gets me out of any situation.



2. Veigar

Oh man I love Veigar. The feeling when you stun and then nuke down enemy champions is epic , he’s quite squishy but if you can keep him alive he will reward you. I like to stack as much ability power as possible, this allows me to one hit champions like Ryze with Veigar’s ultimate or get multi kills when combined the stun with the W. The White Mage skin was the first skin I bought for any champion, I really like the Final Boss skin but it’s a bit too expensive, especially when you already have a skin.



1. Nasus

My favourite champion and in my opinion, the strongest champion on this list. Everyone knows his strategy, build the Q and combine with the item that gives the ability to increase damage of next attack after using an ability (I swear that was made specifically for Nasus..). I’ve used him in most of my pvp matches and have always done well.



Hope you enjoyed the list!