Fire type Pokemon are some of the most powerful and awesome looking Pokemon there are. They tend to be very offensive Pokemon, dealing high damage and burning their enemies to give them a good advantage. There’s plenty of them to choose from, but we’ve put together 10 of the best. 

We take into account stat total, stat distribution, evolution levels, rarity and difficulty to catch. (FYI The author is in no way a competitive battler, he’s never even finished a Pokedex outside of the Kalos national dex)



(mega evolutions not included)


10. Ninetales

Starting off with a fan favourite, Ninetales is one of those Pokemon that you can’t help but like. It evolves from the ever-popular Vulpix using a Fire Stone so it’s quite easy to obtain in the games. The stats are well balanced, a 505 total favouring speed and special defence allow Ninetales to hold its own against other special attackers. The HP and defence is weak, so pull it away from any physical attackers. The default ability, Flash Fire, allows it to absorb any fire attacks and grow stronger, making it perfect to switch in for any Pokemon about to be blasted by a fire attack.





9. Magmar

I chose Magmar instead of Magmortar because Magmortar is way more difficult to obtain, Magmar can be obtained by levelling a Magby to 30 and that’s all (or catching it). It is pure fire type (like Ninetales) so it has no extra weaknesses and just by looking at it you can see how awesome it is. The stat total of  495 is nothing special really, it is very attack/special attack/speed based with low defences and HP so expect it to deal a lot more damage than it can take. The Flame Body ability burns any foes if they hit you with a physical attack which is a nice way to make up for the low defences.





8. Typhlosion

Our first starter Pokemon of the list, Typhlosion is another pure fire type that you get as a starter in the Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver games. It’s a good, well balanced Pokemon that can use physical or special attacks to deal nice damage and the defences aren’t too shabby themselves, so it can also take a few hits. A well rounded stat bonus of 534 (favouring special attack and speed) is a good combination and it’s no surprise that many trainers hold this as their favourite Pokemon. I think, and this is where I might get a lot of hate, that it looks stupid when the fire is down, I mean look, it looks like a Snorlax that has lost a lot of weight.





7. Infernape

An awesome looking fire/fighting type, Infernape is the second starter on this list and is available in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games. It has a 534 stat total with very high attack/special attack/speed stats, meaning it can rip through entire teams with ease. Infernape’s power is best shown here, although it is the anime and not the game, you can see why it makes it onto this list.





6. Moltres

Moltres is one of the legendary birds, the first fire type legendary we had and for some, the first legendary they had. Like all legendaries, it’s a pain to catch but you don’t have to go through anything really time consuming like you do with other legendaries (like Suicune). The stats are fairly low for a legendary at 580 but they’re well balanced, it’s essentially an Infernape (stat wise) but it has more defences/hp. It’s a fire/flying type meaning it has that 4x weakness to rock and another weakness to electric, which is why it only reaches number 6 in this list.





5. Volcarona

For a while, we never had a bug/fire dual type Pokemon, we had electric, grass, poison, steel and even flying but no fire. Then Volcarona came along and it became an instant hit. A huge stat total of 550 made it viable in a competitive environment, the stat distribution gave it a lot of speed/special attack/special defence so it can really hold its own against almost any other Pokemon. Flame Body burns those pesky physical attackers and it has its own signature move, Fiery Dance, which is very powerful. It sounds perfect doesn’t it? One thing though, it’s not that easy to obtain. You have to level a Larvesta all the way up to 59 and you that Pokemon is rather difficult to obtain too.






4. Houndoom

I’ve never actually owned a Houndoom but it’s one of those Pokemon that everyone loves. It evolves from a Houndour at level 24, Houndours are moderately difficult to obtain but with the amount of breeding that goes on you’ll be able to find one on the GTS or if you have any friends who play, they might have one. Houndoom has an average 500 stat total favouring special attack and speed, it it also dark type so you have a lot of type coverage. I feel like much more could have been done with Houndoom although he did get a mega evolution, it would have been better if he had higher stats/better look to start with.







3. Arcanine

Arcanine is a great Pokemon, it has the highest stat total (excluding Moltres) out of  any other Pokemon on the list at 555. Like Houndoom it’s very easy to obtain, all you need to do is evolve a Growlithe with a Fire Stone so you can get an Arcanine on your team fairly quickly. The stats show it has nicely balanced defence/speed and small boosts to attack/special attack, but you can use Arcanine for whatever you need at the time. It’s one of the tougher Pokemon you face when battling your rival in the Red/Blue games and because of this it has a pretty awesome reputation. It was thought that Arcanine would be a legendary Pokemon due to appearing on a stone depicting the three legendary birds.





2. Blaziken

The third starter on this list as well as the second fire/fighting type, Blaziken is a huge fan favourite and for good reason. His stat total is 530 which isn’t bad, the distribution is pretty much the same as Arcanine but with more offence and less defence. Blaziken was the first fire/fighting starter we had and it started a trend of fire/fighting from there (Infernape and Emboar). Take advantage of Blaziken’s hidden ability Speed Boost (which raises speed each turn) and you have a very powerful asset on your team.





1. Charizard

Had to be Charizard. This Pokemon is arguably the most recognisable out of any other (besides Pikachu). To a lot of players, Charizard was the first third evolution they had, whether it was before Mt. Moon or after getting the SS Anne ticket. It has a predictable starter stat total of 534, favouring speed/special attack which makes it a great attacker. It has dual flying type giving it bonus resistances to bug/grass as well as fighting, although it does adopt a weakness to electric. (Pokemon X/Y SPOILER) You choose a Kanto region starter in the newest games so it’s easy to obtain if you want one, if not you can find a Charmander on the GTS very easily.



Hope you enjoyed the list!