The list of Pokemon is now so huge that there’s a ‘mon for pretty much anything you can think of. Among these are Pokes that look so badass or awesome that they’re used and even fan favourites just because of their design. I’ve gathered what I believe are the 10 most badass Pokemon!

FYI Legendaries and Megas are not included.



10. Blastoise

The original full evolutions of the Gen 1 starters had amazing designs but none quite show the intimidation that Blastoise does. Those huge cannons protected by brute strength and a near impenetrable shell justifies Blastoise’s place on this list.



9. Arcanine

The first and only fire type Pokemon on this list (click here to see more). Arcanine ticks all the boxes of a legendary Pokemon and probably should have been one of the legendary dogs over Entei? Well that’s a matter of opinion but I feel like Gamefreak missed a huge opportunity for another badass legendary Poke.



8. Nidoking

Nidoking is an awesome Pokemon that is overlooked by a lot of trainers but can be a staple in a good team. Its size, horns, teeth and claws make it look like it can rip anything apart with ease, which it probably can.



7. Tyrantrum

I remember I was playing through Pokemon Y and had just received an Adamant Tyrunt from a fossil. I don’t play competively so wasn’t too bothered about the nature but I knew Adamant was good for a physical attacker so I decided to level little Tyrunt up. Eventually it evolved and I had no idea what colossus it would evolve into! It was a moment of sheer awesomeness and since then my Tryantrum has scared the **** out of everything it’s faced.



6. Steelix

Having one of the highest defenses out of all Pokemon is no easy feat but Steelix has this and looks completely badass too. Its teeth are a bit weird but who cares, they still crush everything!



5. Excadrill

The only Pokemon on the list that I’ve never owned. Excadrill’s name is badass, then we get to the huge razors on its body and the red colours make it look even more intimidating. It was even banned in competitive play due to how badass it is! (definitely nothing to do with it being a really strong Pokemon)



4. Tyranitar

The Pokemon I think most people thought would be first on this list. Tyranitar is truly a badass Pokemon and a huge threat in a battle. Facing this as a kid with a bunch of randomly levelled, non-EV trained Pokemon was a huge challenge and still is to this day.



3. Scyther

I nearly put this as #1 but decided against it at the last minute. Scyther’s evolution (Scizor) is also a badass Pokemon but I didn’t want to include both so I just chose the more badass one. The huge razors for hands is epic and despite it not being able to fly with those wings, they complete the jigsaw to make one of the most badass Pokemon in the game!



2. Gyarados

Probably a big surprise to you and I admit I’m a bit biased as Gyarados is my favourite Pokemon but he does like epic. It looks even more amazing when hyperbeaming the face off of an enemy, which I get to see often!



1. Metagross

And at number 1 we have the most badass, awesome looking and well designed Pokemon in the game! In my opinion anyway 🙂 But seriously, Metagross is difficult to obtain (as far as I remember) which makes earning it a lot satisfying, even more so if it’s your first time seeing it. It has a completely unique look which is awesome, even its flying form is badass!