Skins are a very good business model as they allow players to spend RL money on free games without receiving an in-game power boost. So many free games see their models as “free to play, pay to compete” but I hate pay2win which is why I like LoL so much. Some skins are very difficult or even borderline impossible to obtain so I’ve created a list of the rarest skins, complete with amount of players who own the skin.


Full credit to this League of Legends Forum thread:


10. King Rammus

Owned by: Approx 250,000

Starting off this list is King Rammus which was only distributed to Beta Testers, making it unobtainable unless someone sells you their account. Fortunately it is just a small colour change so it is not that desirable unless you’re a completionist after all the skins.



9. Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks

Owned by: Approx 250,000

Sharing the number 9 spot with Lollipoppy and Mundo Mundo is this ever-popular Fiddlesticks skin. These skins were available during the 2010 Harrowing event and are not available anymore.



8. Team Spirit Anivia

Owned by: Approx 200,000

This spot is shared between the skin above, Whistler Village Twitch, Ice Toboggan Corki and The Mighty Jax. These skins were created to celebrate the Winter Olympics in Vancouver of 2010. The playerbase was fairly low (compared to what it is now) at that time so most players today will never see these skins.



7. Red Card Katarina

Owned by: Approx 100,000

Sharing the number 7 spot with All-Star Akali is Katarina. These skins were available during the Fifa 2010 World Cup and are not available anymore. Many other skins were introduced, such as Goal-Keeper Blitzcrank but they were much more popular and half the price so they sold a lot more.



6. Pax Twisted Fate

Owned by: Approx 50,000

One of the most sought after and expensive skins created is Pax Twisted Fate that was handed out to those who visited Pax in 2009. As the playerbase was low at the time, just 50,000 players attended the event and earned the skin. The accounts that hold the skin are around 5 years old now so the account holders may not use the account or the accounts may have been deleted, meaning the number of owners could be much lower.



5. Grey Warwick

Owned by: Approx 100,000

Halfway through the list is the skin that is available to everyone and does not have an IP/RP cost. Unfortunately it requires least 50 referrals and those referrals must be at least level 10. How 100k players have managed to achieve this feat is amazing as they’re introduced 5,000,000 players to the game!



4. Human Ryze

Owned by: Approx 65,000

The last shared spot on the list, Human Ryze and Black Alistar are both owned by a small amount of players who pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition and the Retail Collector’s Edition.



3. Rusty Blitzcrank

Owned by: Approx 40,000

This skin was originally not limited edition or even really expensive. It wasn’t bought by many players because it was pretty much identical to the original skin. It was removed from the store to prevent players from wasting their precious RP.



2. Vancouver Amumu

Owned by: Approx 25,000

Released during the Winter Vancouver Olympics of 2010, this skin was not purchased by many players for a number of reasons. Because of this, it was the second rarest skin in the game and it is fair to say that you will never come across it in game.



1. Medieval Twitch

Owned by: Approx 1500

At number 1 is the one and only – Medieval Twitch. We will never see this in game and will never obtain it ourselves because you need 350 level 10 or higher referrals. Unless you have a huge following, don’t even bother trying to obtain this skin.