Minecraft is an amazing game with two key methods of playing. The first being creative, allowing you to use unlimited blocks to build whatever you like. The other is survival, putting you in a world full of dangers and pitting you against the odds. While playing survival you might be thinking of what to build, here’s the 10 best things you should build that can act as a checklist too!



10. Cross


These are something I don’t think other people utilise as much as me. You start by building a huge single column up into the air, preferably on top of a large mountain but make sure it is very close to your base. Then make a cross like the picture shows, but place torches along the top/sides of it. You can also add torches to the column too but I prefer glowstone if you have some. What this does is allow you to easily find your base whenever you’re lost. There’s been plenty of times I’ve been lost in a forest at night, surrounded by mobs but I saw my light-up cross and found my way back safely.



9. Dock

A dock isn’t really needed but it can really help your exploration if you have a dedicated building. Firstly you will want to have a load of chests in there with a crafting table. Load the chests with wood and boats. Make sure the dock is well placed so you can access rivers or even oceans.



8. Outposts

These are cheap, easy to build and very helpful. Once you have a base, you’ll want to survey the area and establish your dominance. The best way to do this is to build small towers in the outskirts of where your base will be. Next place a chest or two in there with a bow, some arrows and a stone sword or two although I usually but some wood and iron in there too. What this allows you to do is access what you need quicker, it also helps you find your way back if you’re lost and spot one.



7. House

You don’t have to build anything fancy or good looking, all a house needs is a) a place to store your personal items and valuables – b) a bed. I use huts for their small space usage but a simple house is a good thing to invest in.



6. Nether Portal Temple

This one is purely for aesthetic purposes, nether portals don’t need any fancy architecture but it’s a hell of a lot cooler when they are.



5. Mine

Most people like to run in and out of caves, collecting all resources they find. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it might be highly beneficial for you to invest in a mine. They also look awesome when you’ve mined through hundreds of blocks.


4. Warehouse

Keeping on top of your items can get very tedious once you’ve played for a while. This is where a warehouse can help, I’d suggest placing a load of chests down, naming them all via signs and organising the items of each one. For example you should have one called “Blocks” which holds all of your glass, wood, stone etc and another called “Equipment” which holds all of your pickaxes, saddles, swords etc.



3. Animal Farm

This goes for Stables too. You will want to collect each farm-able mob and place them in their own pens, regularly breeding to produce more. There are tons of guides out there so I’m not going to bore you with a huge page of text. One tip though – Lower end PCs will struggle to run Minecraft if there are too many mobs around 🙂



2. Crop Farm

If you tend to your farm actively, you can get a huge source of food income from it. You can also use the crops as resources to breed animals (Chicken require seeds, Cows/Sheep require Wheat, Pigs require Carrots). I find it is best to give them their own sections, so potatoes in one section, wheat in the other etc.



1. Mob Farm

By far the most useful building and the only one I haven’t built. A Mob Farm allows you to sit there while floods of items from killed mobs come to you. Arrows will never be a concern again, nor will Wool or Sulfur. They are quite resource heavy for a really good one, especially if you want it to look premium, but it will be very worth it.