As the child of ’90s, all of my fears is somehow related to fantastic series The X – Files. Now I know it was a cultural happening, such as the Batman and Pogs. It was a perfect moment for releasing it. The scariest X-Files Episodes helped us shape the confusing early days of the Internet.

After all these years there are movies released (The X-Files: I Want to Believe and The X-Files: Fight the Future), so I thought it is the right time to revisit the scariest episodes ever produced in this show ever. Your inner ’90s child should be awake again and you should let him know tonight there will be no sleep after reading this. The reason is simple, they will find out that the scariest truth is somewhere out there.

Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

Let’s have a look at few of the scariest X-Files Episodes

1. “Folie A Deux’’ (Season 5, Episode 19)

Scariest X-Files Episodes - Folie a Deux

A big number of The X-Files’ secondary characters have already made Mulder partially insane, but this is the episode that comes very, very close to cementing this idea. Mulder was in a very difficult situation being restrained and sedated in a hospital.

Gary Lambert is the man no one believes that his boss is a bug – like a monster. The whole episode takes him to reassure everyone that he is not delusional. Later in the episode, he dies and he passes his delusions to agent Mulder. As we already know, almost no one ever trusts in Mulder’s stories and that’s an old story, but the things that really are terrifying in this episode are monster effects and frightful and annoying bug sound during its attempts to kill Mulder.

2. “Sanguinarium’’ (Season 4, Episode 6)

Sanguinarium - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

This is the only episode from The X-files that I had to move my eyes away from the screen at some points, it just got to be too much. Scully and Mulder investigate some bizarre murders in a plastic surgery hospital unit. Very soon they realize there is a supernatural force which could be responsible. After so many murders, Mulder finds out that the patients’ dates of birth match date on the witchcraft calender.

It is not the witchcraft that is scary in the episode, but the way patients’ dye. For example, one patient went through a liposuction operation, then dies, because the doctor violently removed huge amounts of fat from them. It was enough for me after that scene.

3. “Irresistible’’ (Season 2, Episode 13)

Irresistible - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

In this episode, there are actually no monsters, no paranormal elements. Instead of these things, this episode shows the evilest thing everyone could face – a human being! There is a guy with a death fetish, so extreme, that in some points he takes the dead women’s bodies and killing them in order to get what he wants – fingernails, fingers, locks of hair.

It may seem he is a necrophiliac, but that was rejected, Fox. His fetish almost led to Scull’s death and this also leads us to better exploring Scully’s character during the episode.

4. “The Host’’ (Season 2, Episode 2)

The Host - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

This is so creepiest and scariest X-Files Episodes that it makes me really hard to write about it, out by the photo. The episode Jaws scared me from going to the ocean, but The Host has helped me to completely lose my faith in using toilets. The monster, Flukeman is a mutated flukeworm that is being transported to America and it was a product of the famous Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

The best thing in this episode is revealing the Flukeman, not before the middle of the episode. It keeps the level of fear and suspense high. Also, there is a small element of hilarity as we can see Scully, Skinner, and Mulder trying to prosecute mutant flukeworm.

5. “Home’’ (Season 4, Episode 2)

Home - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

This is probably the most controversial episode in The X-Files history. There were so many critics about this episode going too far. The episode is about the family of farmers called The Peacocks. Mulder and Scully eventually find the mother of farmers attached to a rolling board, alive!

This is just one of scenes, as we can see a huge number of them. One thing that you must respect about The X – files is the song from the �’Home’’ named �’Wonderful, Wonderful’’ and the way this episode turned this beautiful song into nightmarish only by using it in the right places.

6. “Die Hand Die Verletzt’’ (Season 2, Episode 14)

Die Hand Die Verletzt - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

This episode is even creepier than the episode with dead fetishist. It is some kind of satanic cult of teachers who target school kids. “The Hand That Wounds’’ (“Die Hand Die Verletzt’’) continued a great run of the creepiness of season 2.

The mood in this episode comes from comically with a scene where PTC is standing in a circle and is reciting a satanic prayer, to darker scenes that come next. The biggest part of chills come from Mrs paddock courtesy, the teacher who keeps human eyes and heart on her desk. And, of course, voodoo!

7. “Badlaa” (Season 8, Episode 10)

Badlaa - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

There is a noticeable drop in quality from season 8, but they showed us that they still can be scary. The best example is Badlaa, the Indian amputee who does like people who passes by him without giving him some change. That was the reason why one American businessman finds himself stalked to the toilet and dragged under the stall.

Later, Badlaa had another victim while Dana performed an autopsy. The scenes of Badlaa slowly wheeling in front of his child victims are fascinating eerie and so well done. The scariest thing that comes is the fact that the Badlaa can shrink down and somehow enter your body. Creepy!

8. “Our Town”  (Season 2, Episode 24)

Our Town - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

Truly one of the scariest X-Files Episodes about the Dudley residents. When Arkansas start acting all wrong and weird, Scully and Mulder draft in to find the root of the problem.

The scenes of the madman in small are undoubtedly scary and this was the idea of the producers, these frightening scenes. Everything becomes a little cliched when you realize there is a small part ‘seen it before’ when Dana Scully is captured by bad guys and that way force Mulder to go into action. The scary part is the merit of the director, Rob Bowman who made those scenes look so scary that they can easily stay in your memory for the rest of your life.

9. “Detour” (Season 5, Episode 4)

Detour - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

This is the episode of how you can have an invisible predator. We can see Scully and Mulder being hunted by an invisible force. It is a unique case where Mulder and Scully are not chasing, but being chased.

This thing works mostly because the invisible creatures are frightening. The can blend into the environment, so in some part, we truly believe our heroes are in big danger. Best remembered scene from this episode is probably when Scully sings �’Joy to the World’’ to the Mulder while they are trying to postpone their deaths.

10. “Grotesque” (Season 3, Episode 14)

Grotesque - Top 10 Scariest X-Files Episodes

Cold opening of this episode gives the tone for the rest of the episode. There is a scene of a man drawing a gargoyle creature. Then he cuts himself with his pencil and colors the picture with the blood.

The artist killed six men and says the reason is he was possessed by the gargoyle during the murders. Scully and Mulder go to his studio and find hidden statues.

This is very dark and psychological episode which contains really scary scenes highlighted by incredible camera work and lighting. Twisted episode make it one of the scariest X-Files Episodes and probably very underrated!

While the most of us watched this story just to find out if Mulder and Scully will sleep together, beside this sexual tension and sometimes feelings shown, there are people who had different reasons to watch – to be excited by scaring their minds. Scariest X-Files Episodes surely gave us both and that makes it one of the best in the history of filmmaking.