Love is blind! When we are in love we take all decisions according to what our mind says us. Hence the best way to propose to your girlfriend would also be to listen to your heart. But applying some logic and understanding your girlfriend’s nature gives an extra edge in getting a positive reply from her. Being a girl myself I think I can guide you with few tips that might help you while proposing to your soul mate. Here are Top 10 Best Tips on How to Propose a Girl.

10 Tips On How To Propose A Girl


Tips on How to Propose a Girl#1 Candlelight Dinner

This is one of the best tips on how to propose a girl. Take her to a decent restaurant for dinner. Arrange for a candlelight dinner and make the bookings beforehand if you feel that the place could be crowded. Indulge in a conversation that is light as well as of her field of interest. Encourage her to speak mostly. Show a genuine interest while she speaks and maintain eye contact. Propose to her after finishing your dinner in a simple and honest way. Whatever be the nature of your girl, this way of proposing works in most cases.

#2 Propose on her Birthday

If you are little reserved and is scared of proposing through words then this is the best way for you. Get to know her birthday and do a little research on her areas of interest. Buy a gift according to her hobbies and a good greeting card which conveys your feelings. Courier it or give to her directly on her birthday. Though this way of proposing requires little bit of home work and planning, it would surely develop a soft corner for you in her heart.

#3 Proposing through book

If she is a voracious reader then this type of proposal works best. Choose a good novel that you have already read. Highlight the area or conversation in the novel which you would want to tell her. Gift the novel to her with a simple note at the front-page which directs her to read the highlighted sentences in the novel.

#4 Through family

This is another best tips on how to propose a girl. If she is little traditional style or you feel she will not take your request genuinely, then you can try this way of proposal. You can either convey your feelings to any of her family member and get to know her mind through them or you can directly ask her for the permission to approach her parents for her hands. Though little difficult the advantage of this way of proposal is that she will never doubt the seriousness or honesty of your proposal.

#5 Propose when she is down

Propose to her when she is emotionally or physically down. Girls always crave for moral support. Hence proposing to her through simple words like “Can I take care of you forever or I will be there with you whatever happens” when they are down directly sets a path for you to their heart. But such chances depend entirely on your luck.

#6 Propose at a divine place

This is again a best tips on how to propose a girl. If your girlfriend is religious and visits such places regularly, then that would be one of the best way and place to propose to her. A proposal made in front of the God is considered divine and sincere.

#7 Over a coffee

If she is a friend of yours then you can simply take her for a coffee and propose to her. You might start the conversation by asking her opinion about you or simply her ideas about life partner. At the end just proposing to her by asking if you can fit into that post would be a simple and elegant way of proposing your friend.

#8 Through a song 

This is another nice tips on how to propose a girl. Everybody loves music and music has the magical power to win hearts. If you are a good singer take maximum advantage of it. During any occasion, competition or program grab the opportunity to sing. Sing a romantic song and after getting down from the stage tell her that the song was for her. If you are not a singer, then simply dedicate a song to her on tv shows or radio. But ensure that she sees or  listens to the program.

#9 Extra special valentine’s day

Simply sending a gift on Valentine’s day itself will convey your feelings for her. But go ahead and do something extra on that special day. Like, sent multiple gifts with just one letter of your name. For example, if your name is SAM sent three gifts one with S, one with A and the last one with M. Sent them in such a way that your last gift reach her by end of day. Choose the gifts also wisely. This is just my idea. I am sure you can think of a more creative one.

#10 Text message her

In this age of gadgets text messages are the most easiest way to convey your feelings to her. If you want to do something out of box message her from a new sim. Sent a message per day which is simple and descent but conveys your interest in her. Simple messages like you looked amazing in red dress or something like that which clearly lets her know that you are observing her would do. Built up the suspense and at the end reveal your identity . When you adopt this method please be sure that your girl is cool and is a sport. Ensure that she doesn’t get into or put you into any trouble because of these messages. Also keep your messages sincere and short so that she doesn’t misinterpret your intentions.

Also check here for some love messages and poems, this can help you to express yourself better. There are infinite ways of proposing a girl. But out of that what suits you or what would work for you entirely depends on you and your girlfriend. The above article gives you a few ideas which you can choose and manipulate according to your situation. So all the best my dear friend. I sincerely hope that your girlfriend gives you a positive reply and both of you have a great life together.