Text based mmorpgs have gone somewhat stale recently, the demand for better games is too low for most games of this type to keep up. The few that are left remain for a reason, they have features that still appeal to players. I have Skyrim, Battlefield 4 and all sorts of games yet I love playing a minimal graphics text based browser game.

I’ve rounded up the top 10 features in Reign of Blood that keep me personally interested in the game.


10. Pets


Pets are like a whole new character, you buy one, train it up and battle with it. You get a lot of rewards to increase the stats of your main character but for someone who loves killing like myself, it’s something fun to do when I can’t kill any more on my main character. The only downside is the fact that you have to wait some time inbetween battles (which is understandable) and the fact that you have to wait 60 seconds to attack again if you’ve been killed (not so understandable).



9. Minions


Like pets, you buy one but it helps your main character fight in battle. It might just be my minion but it doesn’t provide the difference between winning and losing, it just gives you a little bit more help. The customisation is awesome, you choose your own portrait, name and even what kind of race it is. It’s just one of those things that don’t add too much to the game but make the game feel more immersive.


8. Daily leaderboard rewards


Near enough every game has some kind of leaderboard system, and quite a lot have daily leaderboards. However, RoB’s leaderboard rewards are unique and a good idea. If you finish among the top few for say kills in a day you get a small reward that you exchange for certain things. They just give you that little extra competitiveness and motivate you to play the game more.


7. Quests


You’d be surprised how many games like RoB I’ve played that never had quests. They’re great little time killers, some are fun and some are annoying (I’m looking at you, Metal Man). The co-op quests require players to work together which, again, is unique as far as I’ve seen. The rewards boost your stats too, so it’s worth doing them whether you find them fun or not


6. Choice between dual weapons or a weapon/shield combo

weapon shield

I love this, in other games you usually just have the ability to wield a weapon/armour and that’s it, but on RoB, if you get strong enough you can be defensive or all out attack.  The price is costly, but I like that because not everyone can afford it.


5.Profile editing capabilities


This isn’t purely about the capabilities, it’s more the methods that I like. There’s support for people who can code profiles themselves but the RoB customiser allows people who don’t know a single line of coding (like myself) to make brilliant profiles.


4. Family members/Role Play characters

family mem

Usually, when adding a friend as an in-game daughter, son, uncle etc you’d just refer to them in the chatrooms as that sibling, but here it’s different. You actually have it displayed on your profile so it’s as close to official as you can get. The Role Play characters feature is similar, but probably more useful as it allows people who have many RP characters to keep up with them easily.

I don’t use either of these features myself, but I can see their usefulness.


3. Gravemarket


The source of my income, the Gravemarket is so useful to new players I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. You can turn $50,000 into $200,000 and if you’re active and have a good eye you can do this every day. There’s literally no downside, you just buy stocks for low and sell them for high, that’s all.


2. Battling


I was so happy when I found out that there’s no time limit inbetween kills (besides pets). On other games it would take me a long time to go through all of the people I wanted to kill and it gave people bigger opportunities to kill you before you could suicide. I also love the 15 minute protection, it allows me to get my kills in peace. Battling is why I play the game so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have placed it this high in the list.


1. Enemy list

enemy list

This wouldn’t even have been on the list if it weren’t for the recent update. The enemy list now shows all the useful information like the rank, whether they’re alive or not and even if they’re protected. I also love how if you can’t attack them then “Attack” is greyed out with a line through it, it makes it so much easier to distinguish those you can attack to those who you can’t. The upgrade is probably the best addition I’ve seen in a text based mmo.


So there we have it, if you’re a player then you’ll probably disagree, but obviously your play style will be different from mine so we will have different opinions.


If you like the look of this game and want to join, here’s the link.
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