Skyrim is an incredibly huge world and it has no shortage of secrets. When working on immersive games, the developers love to sneak in all kinds of easter eggs but some developers go as far to add things that most people would never notice if it weren’t for people like me who spread it around. I’ve not discovered anything listed here myself, you may already know some of these but even if you’re a hardcore Skyrim gamer, you should be able to learn at least one thing you didn’t know. So here we have the top 10 things you didn’t know about Skyrim!




10. Instantly kill Forsworn Briarhearts without attacking

If your pickpocketing is good enough, you can actually sneak up, pickpocket the heart from a Briarheart’s inventory and steal it. This will instantly kill the Briarheart. It makes sense really, as the heart is basically showing right there to be taken.




9. Shadowmarks

These marks are painted all over the place by the Thieves Guild. They’re used to allow Thieves Guild members to know that the building can be used by them for whatever they need. They’re usually painted near the doorway. There are shadowmarks in every major city in Skyrim besides Dawnstar and Markarth.




8. Make your own adventure book

I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across these books before. The ones that allow you to choose your own path and in turn, create your own adventure. The awesome thing is, Skyrim has one too. It’s called Kolb and the Dragon and is relatively easy to find. I don’t want to spoil much but here’s a few places you can find it – Jorrvaskr, Blue Palace and Dragonsreach.




7. Dragon in Blackreach

As if Blackreach wasn’t awesome enough, it’s the home to an Elder Dragon. It’s called Vulthuryol and it can be summoned by using Unrelenting Force shout on the large yellow/orange ball above the Blackreach Debate Hall. It’s level 50 and is very powerful for those of you who are low levelled. If you decide not to attack and just run away, he’ll start attacking all of the nearby creatures. You can only summon him once, so make sure it’s the right time.




6. Increase your speed and reduce stamina usage

Probably the most known entry on this list but for those who are only just finding this out, then you’re welcome. If you unequip all of your equipment you can run faster and your stamina will only go down really slowly. This is excellent for those who are travelling long distances. Werewolf would obviously be better, or even getting a horse, but they come at a cost whereas simply unequipping does not.




5. The map is in real time

Apologies for not finding a better picture, it would have really helped to show what this entry is. The Skyrim map is actual real time, it’s not a set map where nothing changes. For example, if you slaughter a dragon and start devouring its soul, if you jump on the map you will actually see the brightness of the soul leaving the dragon. The same goes for dragon fire too. It’s not one of the things that you notice a lot as you don’t tend to look at your map while fighting a dragon but it’s awesome none the less.




4. You can play multiplayer

Unfortunately this is PC only 🙁

There’s a mod out (find it here, official website here) that allows someone to set up a server and then others to connect. I’ve not got much information regarding stability as I haven’t tried it (yet) but it looks awesome. It looks like basic features, chat room, friendslist etc but in the future it should be updated more. This won’t be in the near future, though, as the project has been closed due to no one actually developing it anymore. If you’re any good with C# coding, go see if they will let you have a shot!


So after testing it out, the only thing you can do is chat to other people. The install is  complicated and there’s very few people to chat to, not worth your time unless you want to chat to strangers in-game.



3. Another cool Blackreach fact

Storm Call is one of the best shouts there is, you can’t use it inside (obviously) but it rains a lot of pain down on your enemies. You can actually use this shout in Blackreach, I’m not quite sure why, maybe due to the sheer size but it’s a great way of working your away around the difficult dwemer ruin.




2. Sky Haven Temple entrance

You know that seemingly irrelevant face in the entrance to Sky Haven Temple? That’s the face of Emperor Reman Cyrodiil II. Not really useful to know for any particular reason, but it’s just one of those things that seems quite cool.




1. Random Healing Potions

For some reason, in and around Solitude are a load of random Potions of Healing. Not much is known, there’s even a very limited amount of information on the internet. Could this be just a false rumour that people have been spreading?

Either way it’s a mystery at the moment. Here’s a link to a video showing all of the locations. It has very low views which shows how little people know about it.





If you did know all of these already then kudos to you, you can have 3 internetz for your troubles.


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