When most of us first played Pokemon, there was only 151 Pokemon in existence, now there are 718. There’s always been ugly Pokemon, but the release of more games and in turn, more Pokemon, has seen the amount of ugly Pokemon increase significantly. Here’s the collection of the top 10 ugliest Pokemon!





10. Weezing

Yep, there’s actually a Pokemon based on a tumour. The faces are what get me, they look they’re terminal. The pre-evolution Koffing at least has a smile.





9. Garbodor

If a tumour wasn’t bad enough, there’s a Pokemon based on trash. Look at the arms, why is the mouth between the eyes? Whoever designed this needs to go see a psychiatrist.





8. Jynx

Perhaps the most controversial Pokemon on this list, Jynx is a female-only Pokemon based on a “human shape”. I wonder if the designer had ever actually seen a human before.





7. Lickilicky

The pre-evolution was bad enough, why did the guys over at Gamefreak decide to make this? It’s disgusting, it looks like it has a wi-fi signal on its chest and I hate it.





6. Drowzee

This is the Pokemon that I dislike the most, the colours look horrible  and what’s with the nose? Get it away from me!





5. Stunfisk

Although you can’t tell by the picture, this Pokemon is completely flat. It’s supposed to lay somewhere and wait until someone steps on it before it attacks.





4. Feebas

This Pokemon is like most of the girls on my Facebook friendslist. It’s clearly wearing makeup to cover up the ugliness. Yes, that’s eyeliner and lipstick. At least the evolution is an improvement.





3. Swalot

This “Poison Bag” Pokemon is just weird as hell, it doesn’t make any sense. Those whiskers (if that’s what they’re supposed to be) are just creepy, the hands/mouth are completely useless and I don’t understand the eyes at all.





2. Bidoof

I know exactly how this Pokemon was created, the designer thought “lets get a rat, cut off the tail and shove a load of golf balls in its mouth”. I doubt there’s anyone ever who finds this anything but hideous.





1. Probopass

The “compass” Pokemon is the ugliest thing that has ever, or will ever exist. Look at that nose, it’s literally bigger than most other Pokemon. That “hat” or whatever it is wearing just doesn’t make sense and what, like seriously, is with that facial hair? I’m glad I don’t live in the Pokemon universe just so I never see one of these face to face.



If your favourite Pokemon is listed here then I’m sorry 🙁


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