With so many gadgets, tools and appliances to choose from it becomes really a cumbersome task to select the ones which you would actually use on a regular basis and the ones which you might only use from time to time in your kitchen. So here are the 10 most essential kitchen tools and appliances to stock up your place.

1. Cookware


Whether you’re setting up a kitchen from scratch, paring down over-full cabinets or replacing worn-out cookware, there only a handful of cookware pieces that you need in your kitchen.

Every kitchen needs a skillet, from fried eggs to toasted sandwiches to ground beef and veggies, you will need it at every step of the cooking process. The second most important cookware is the stock pot, it is ideal for making soups, stews, boiling potatoes or cooking pasta.

Third on your list should be the saucepan. When you don’t need something as big as a stock pot, a saucepan can fill in the space with ease. You can use it to cook up canned soups, veggies or smaller portions of recipes.

If you love to cook in the oven, then owning a sheet tray is a must. A high quality sheet tray can be used endlessly.

Apart from these a strainer is a tool that you might not even think of having in your kitchen until you really need it. It is also good to stack up some casserole dishes in your kitchen.

2. Utensils

Essential Kitchen Tools

Utensils are like an extension of the cook’s hands. A few essentials that you’ll need are a knife set, large spoon, a ladle, flatware, spatula, measuring spoons and cups, spatula, whisk, can opener, vegetable peeler, and a rolling pin. These tools are best purchased in sets if you are looking for value.

3. Dishes


For the dishes, you’ll need dinnerware, cups and mugs, and a serving platter. In addition, you’ll also need mixing bowls to toss a lunch salad, to marinate meat, to make a biscuit dough or to whip cream, butter or potatoes. It is recommended if you go for something that is microwave and dishwasher safe, both these criteria’s will make your life easier.

4. Appliances


While large appliances like dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators are essential for a functional kitchen, small appliances add diversity of conveniences to the space. Useful and investment-worthy appliances to have in your kitchen include a toaster, oven, blender, microwave, food processor, pressure cooker and coffee maker. Here’s a list of Nespresso machines worth checking out.

5. Timer

A kitchen timer is another essential tool that you should have in the kitchen. Many of you might think of it as not that special or sometimes even annoying but when it comes to roast meat is medium, the pasta is done or the cake has baked. A kitchen timer also allows you to do other things while a meal is cooking.

6. Mixer


A mixer is a must have electrical appliance in your kitchen. It ensures that you get a fluffy whipped cream, light and airy cake layers and icing that is so soft that it melts in your mouth. And above all, this set of little equipment is speedier than stirring a thousand times and is way too much easier on your biceps.

Go for a hand mixer if you’ll be doing light-duty tasks such as mashing potatoes, whipping cream or egg whites and mixing cake batter. Whereas a stand mixer is great for even heavy duty tasks including mixing bread dough and biscuit dough.

7. Scales

kitchen scale

A food scale is handy if you’re preparing meals using a recipe or meal plan. A measuring scale is something that you will always find in someone’s kitchen who loves to create desserts.

The precision of measurements that you require while creating desserts can only be met when you are using a good and sturdy measuring scale. Though some of you might find it a bit bulky especially when compared to using measuring spoons and cups, it offers a more accurate method of measuring raw food and ingredients.

8. Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers are essential organization tools for any kitchen. They come in a variety of colours and in an array of sizes in rectangular, square and round shapes so you can choose one that fits your style.

It is also recommended to keep something like Tupperware in your kitchen, which is really good when it comes to storing leftovers in your fridge.

9. Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

Your kitchen should have a minimum of two cutting boards. One for cutting up raw meat and fish and one for cooked foods and produce. When shopping for a cutting board, go for something made up of hard wood like walnut, hickory or oak. If you don’t want to buy a wooden cutting board you can also try a bamboo cutting board.

It is recommended not to use glass or plastic cutting boards not matter how dishwasher friendly they are, these boards can damage your knives and get dangerously slippery. Though if too keen on buying one of these, you can opt for a plastic cutting board, but that too only for cutting meat, only because it is easier to wash and clean.

10. Towels


Last but not least, kitchen towels make up a crucial part of the daily kitchen experience. This is actually one of the most essential kitchen tools that you will need every single day. In addition to drying dishes, kitchen linens are used for sweeping flour off a countertop, covering bread dough, and as makeshift hot pads and trivets. It is recommended to keep a set of 4 towels, so that you always have a fresh one to use.  

These 10 the most essential kitchen tools that you will utilize every single day in your kitchen. When planning to set up an entirely new kitchen you can always start with these and as you move on keep adding on other essentials that you think you need.