Zoos and beaches are one of the major tourist attraction centers in all the countries. The number of animals in a zoo may vary according to its size. The bigger the zoo, higher will be the number of animals they can accommodate comfortably. Hence the biggest zoos in the world can boast of the highest number and variety of animals. The variety of animals also depends on the geographical location and various factors. The more variety of animals a zoo has, the more maintenance it requires.

When raising an animal from a different environment than the environment in which the zoo is, it is important that the authorities create a similar environment so that the animal survives. For example, polar bears can’t survive in a zoo of a tropical country due to the temperature. Hence in order to keep such an animal, the zoo should create a suitable cold temperature for the animal. However, there are many zoos around the world which include a huge number of animals of different kinds and from different continents and some of the largest zoos in the world will be able to accommodate them all comfortably.

Top 10 Biggest Zoos In The World

Here we will have a look at the top 10 largest zoos in the world.

#10. Toronto Zoo – 710 acres, 5000 animals, 491 species

best Zoo in the World - Toronto Zoo

The Toronto zoo is the largest zoo in Canada. It spreads up to 710 acres and is home up to around 491 species which includes 5000 animals. The zoo is divided into seven different sections so as to represent animals from various regions in the world.

It stands at different levels from ground according to the animals on display. The zoo opened in the year 1974.

#9.  The Bronx Zoo – 256 acres, 6000 animals, 650 species

biggest zoos in the world - The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx zoo is a large zoo located in New York, United States. It is cited on 256 acres and includes over 6000 animals which represent 650 different species. This is the largest metropolitan zoo in the world.

It is the first ever zoo in the western hemisphere to include snow leopards. This is a large zoo compared to zoos in many other cities around the world as zoos in cities tend to be much smaller in size.

#8.  San Diego Zoo – 100 acres, 3700 animals, 650 species

San Diego Zoo - largest zoos in the world

The San Diego zoo is located in Balboa bank, San Diego, California and spreads over 100 acres of land. It is home to over 3700 animals from 650 different species. The San Diego zoo initiated the concept of providing animals with open air, cage-less exhibits which have now become popular among many zoos around the world.

It is very active in conservation and preservation of the animals where it provides facilities of breeding different species in the hopes of ultimately releasing them to their natural habitats.

#7.  The National Zoological Gardens Zoo, South Africa – 210 acres, 9000 animals, 705 species

The National Zoological Gardens Zoo - largest zoos in the world

South Africa is a country teeming with wildlife and natural parks. However, it is also host to one of the largest zoos in the world. The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, also called Pretoria zoo was established in the year of 1916.

It is situated on 210 acres of land. The zoo is divided into two by the Apies River which flows through this zoo. Hence half of the zoo lies on flat land whereas the other half lies on hilly slopes. There are approximately 9000 animals spread over 705 species in this zoo.

#6.  The London Zoo – 36 acres, 17000 animals, 755 species

The London Zoo - best zoos in the world

The London spreads on 36 acres and is home to over 17000 animals from 755 species. The zoo was established in the year 1828 for the purpose of conducting scientific research. However, it was opened to the public in the year 1847.

The zoo hosts an amazing Penguin beach which has 450,000 liters of water and provides opportunities for underwater viewing. This is a relatively small zoo compared to the other zoos stated in this list.

#5.  The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – 580 acres, 9000 animals, 793 species

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - best zoos in the world

This zoo is located in Powell, Ohio. It has been awarded the title of the top zoo in the United States on several occasions. At present, the zoo provides shelter for a total of 9,000 animals from 793 different species spreading over 580 acres of land.

This zoo welcomes over 2.3 million visitors annually and is one of the biggest zoos in the world. The Columbus zoo has eight separate areas where different animals from various regions are kept. This is a zoo plus theme park as it includes a roller coaster, fun rides, drops, spins and an aquarium.

#4.  The Moscow Zoo – 53 acres, 6000 animals, 926 species

The Moscow Zoo - biggest zoos in the world

The Moscow zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe which opened to the public in the year 1864 and renovated in the ‘90s. Although bigger than the London zoo, it is comparatively smaller than the other zoos in this list a metropolitan zoo situated on 53 acres.

The zoo is home to over 6000 animals from 927 species in total. This zoo recently opened a sea lion exhibit, a sea aquarium an aviary and many more new attractions for kids.

#3.  The Beijing Zoo – 129 acres, 14,500 animals, 1000 species

The Beijing Zoo - biggest zoo in the world

The Beijing zoo in China was founded in 1906 and is set on 219 acres of land. The zoo is popular for its collection of rare animals endemic to China. It houses over 14,500 animals representing approximately 1000 species including animals such as Giant Pandas, Chinese Alligators, South China Tiger and the Chinese Great Salamander.

The Beijing zoo is visited by more than six million people every year. It includes meadows, amazing lakes and flower beds.

#2.  Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium – 130 acres, 17,000 animals, 1000 species

biggest zoos in the world - Henry Doorly Zoo

The Henry Doorly Zoo spreading over 130 acres is located in Omaha, Nebraska and is half the size of the Beijing Zoo. It contains around 17,000 individual animals from almost 1000 species. The zoo was developed as Riverview Park Zoo in the year 1864.

It hosts the largest cat complex in entire North America. The zoo actively participates in animal conservation. It is one of the main attractions of Nebraska and welcomes millions of visitors annually.

#1.  The Berlin Zoological Garden – 84 acres, 19,500 animals, 1500 species

The Berlin Zoological Garden - biggest zoo in the world

Topping the list of this list of the biggest zoos in the world is the Berlin Zoological Garden is located in Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany and was opened in the year 1844. Situated on 84 acres of land it is home to 19,500 animals from 1500 different species.

More than 3 million visitors come to zoo annually and are allowed to feed the animals. The zoo is noted for being the most visited in Europe and is one of the most popular around the world.

Zoos provide entertainment for adults as well as kids. The above list contains the best biggest zoos in the world. However, the number of zoos in the world is countless and people have the opportunity of enjoying any of these zoos as they are available to the public. They can vary according to the size of land, number of different species or number of individual animals. Most people like to see a variety of animals in one zoo rather than a lot of animals from the same species. It is this that catches the hearts of millions of people visiting each of these zoos. Have you been to any of these biggest zoos in the world? Which zoos in the world do you think are the best? Are there any zoos you like which are not on this list? Please share your thought on this.

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