Dogs are named as man’s best friends. Dogs are kept as pets in homes by many people around the world. They also provide security in homes. Most people often keep dogs in their gardens for this purpose. They sense external presence very quickly and react immediately. The bark of a dog is enough to chase away any thieves from your house. The most aggressive dog breeds are kept as guards by rich people to safeguard them. Due to their sensitivity to sound and smell, they are also used by the police to search for culprits. They have often proved to be successful in this task.

Dogs can vary greatly from the very sweet dog type you would carry and cuddle to fierce dogs you would not dare get close to. Here we look at a list of the most dangerous and most aggressive dogs in the world. These dogs often pound on to you and may kill or seriously injure you. So you would not want to play around with these nasty animals.

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Here is the list of top 10 most aggressive dog breeds you better be careful with.

10.  Bullmastiff – United Kingdom

bullmastiff -most aggressive dogs

This domestic dog is large in size as well as strong and powerful. However, it is naturally very sensitive. They weigh around 130 pounds. Bullmastiffs are very aggressive as they were bred as guard dogs.

A recent attack of a Bullmastiff killed a young boy 13 years of age. Similarly, another young boy was killed in Texas when in fact he was trying to save another girl that the dog was attacking at the time. Special training is required for this dog to make it friendly and approachable. This dog breed is very keen on protecting its master and the family it is cared by.

9.  Great Dane – Germany

great-dane -most dangerous dog breeds

The Great Dane is a fierce looking dog due to its large size and black colored skin. However if trained and taken care of in a proper manner they can be tamed. A fully grown male dog will be 86cm tall and can weigh up to 200 pounds.

These dogs have proven to be killer beasts many times. Although generally aggressive the Great Dane is a domestic breed dog and remains loving and faithful to its owners.

8.  Husky – Arctic

husky -most aggressive dogs breeds

These dogs are a well-known symbolic breed in the northern hemisphere. The Arctic dogs are commonly seen to be pulling sleds in snow covered areas. Husky breed dogs are covered with a thick coating of fur and are generally white in color with a bit of gray mixed. But their color can vary from black and white to red and white.

Due to its thick furry coat, it is resilient to the weather conditions in the North. These dogs do not serve as pets in any case. They are highly energetic and athletic dogs. The Husky weighs from 35 to 70 pounds.

7.  Boxer – Prehistoric

boxer - most aggressive dogs breeds

Boxers are typically medium in size and less furry than their counterparts. They are a dog breed which originated from Germany and has a very powerful grasp and strong teeth and jaws to hunt for prey.

Even though the Boxer is categorized as one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world it still remains one of the most common pet in the United States. Similar to the Great Dane, Boxer also remains loving and faithful to its owner while at the same time being aggressive with strangers.

6.  Wolf Hybrid – America

wolf hybrid - most aggressive dogs in the world

As  a matter of fact, dogs are descendants of wolves. The Wolf Hybrid is a result of the hybridization of a domestic dog and different kinds of wolves such as Ethiopian wolves, Gray, Canis and Easter Timer.

A wolf dog tends to be more aggressive and dangerous than a dog itself as it has the genes of the wolf which tends to show up in unusual ways. Due to their unpredictability and danger to mankind most countries have made it illegal to own a Wolf Hybrid.

5.  Malamute – United States (Alaska)

malamute - most aggressive dogs in the world

Also known as Alaskan Malamute, these beasts belong to a large breed of domestic dogs and can become extremely vicious if not given the right guidance. Hence they remain amongst the top most aggressive dog breeds in the world.

The Alaskan Malamutes are more strong and stand steady than most other dog breeds. They are typically very silent in nature with hardly a bark and extremely fond of humans. But with strangers, they become very dangerous and could end up killing them. However, they are very affectionate with their owners.

4.  Doberman Pinscher – Germany

Doberman - top 10 most aggressive dogs

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium sized dog breed. At one point they were used as police dogs. Similar to the other vicious dogs on this list, the Pinscher can be dangerous for strangers but remain calm with their owners.

Their power and size make them an extremely dangerous dog breed. They are brave dogs with a high level of intelligence and ability. Hence the reason for the breed to be used for police and security services.

3.  German Shepherd – Germany

german-shepherd - top 10 most aggressive dogs

This is a very popular dog breed among many people especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. They were initially used for the purpose of herding sheep thereby doing justice to its name German “Shepherd”.

The German Shepherd is a common dog breed in homes as most people like to keep them as pets for added security as well. These dogs have the tendency to attack humans as well as other dogs, especially the smaller ones. The German Shepherd has a bite that has a force of over 1,060 newtons.

2.  Rottweiler – Germany

Rottweiler- Most Aggressive Dogs Breeds

The Rottweiler is a large sized dog breed which is well-behaved, disciplined, good-natured and loyal. Initially, the were used to herd stocks but now they are used as rescue dogs, search dogs, police dogs or guard dogs. The herding and guarding characters come to them from their genes.

Nevertheless, the Rottweiler is an extremely vicious dog. They were responsible for exactly half of all the death caused by dogs in the United States between the years of 1993 and 1996. This information was obtained from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The sharp bite of a Rottweiler has a force of 1,180 – 1,460 newton.

1.  Pit Bull – America

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds - pit-bull-dog

Pit Bull is given the title of the most dangerous dog by far. In the absence of adequate training, they can burst in aggressiveness and their aggressiveness knows no limits. Due to this many countries have banned this dangerous breed of dogs.

There are various kinds of Pit bulls including American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and Stafford shire bull terrier. Their behavior is unexpected and they could be vicious to strangers at the same time to known people. They can reach a different level of temperament. Pit bulls are to be blamed for many attacks on children and adults as well.

So these are the top most dangerous and most aggressive dog breeds in the world. We may not have seen all of these dogs in real life but it is always good to know about them. Who knows if you will encounter them someday? Do you have any other dangerous dog breeds to add to this list? Do you know more facts about the dogs in the above list? Please feel free to let us know such details.

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