Drones are no longer used just to aim and shoot down targets or gather intelligence behind enemy lines, these days a vast majority of this market is in the recreational flying industry which is growing and evolving at such a rapid pace that many countries are being forced to come up with regulations to reign them in. We have identified some of the most expensive drones you can get your hands on

In fact this is so big that there are new sports being invented revolving around flying drones, so this is no longer just an RC toy for an 8 year old.

We are big time drone enthusiasts as well and believe this industry can revolutionize sports, entertainment, security, logistics and transportation. If you want to get started with this amazing innovation, you can get extremely simple ones starting at just $50 to highly advanced drones which go all the way upto $40,000.

In this article we will be dealing with a few highly advanced drones which can easily be purchased online, though these are aimed at professionals it can still be used for recreational activities for those who can afford it.

10) AEE Toruk AP11

AEE Toruk Ap11 - most expensive drones

Price – $1,583

The AEE Toruk is called a quadcopter and is very much suitable for newbies who can afford the price. It has the ability to fly up to an altitude of 13,000 feet, but has an operational range of 50 meters.

The AP11 has a maximum flying time of 25 minutes which is better than most drones in this price range, the flying time would again depend on the payload it is carrying. This drone does not come with a built in camera but it is compatible with external cameras.

This product is mainly for hobbyists, film makers and photographers, it is quite advanced making it great for professional use while still being one of the cheapest on this list.

9) Phantom 3 Professional

phantom 3 professional

Price – $1,610

China’s DJI released one of its best products yet, the Phantom 3 Profession aimed at early professional users comes with an in-built camera and a GPS system based on the Russian GLONASS Unit. The hand held controller for this drone connects to a smartphone with an USB cable instead of Wifi making it a little inconvenient, but it does conserve your smartphone battery.

The Phantom has an operational range of nearly 2 KMs, which is by far the most amazing thing about this product, but the video does tend to get weaker beyond a few meters, so you must take care of this.

Top speed currently stands that 60 KMs / Hr while having smooth and efficient controls, allowing it to follow most cars and bikes with ease. The controller also has a return-to-home button allowing for easy return of the drone to your location.

8) Ouku Unique OEM


Price – $1,710

The Ouku is a highly advanced Quadcopter with a built-in 4K camera, making it very useful for creative purposes and professional use. It also comes with 2 controllers which allows you to fly and control the drone while your partner can control the camera.

The Ouku is stable and powerful and can take on high crosswinds very smoothly without causing any troubles with the controls.

It has a flight time of 25 minutes, which is above average for most drones and has operational range of a little less than a kilometer

7) Walkera TALI H500


Tali h500

Price – $1,999

The TALI H500 GPS drone is the ultimate solution for aerial filming, it is a GPS drone with easy and smooth controls making it great for beginners. The Walkera has an in-built 13 MP HD camera with an FPV system on board allowing it to transmit video to the ground.

It has an average flying time of 25 minutes, again this depends on the payload, the flight time might reduce significantly with addition of extra payload. The built-in battery level status LED will you keep you updated, which is a great feature.

The operational range for the H500 is a little less than 1 KM, but this shouldn’t be a problem since it is mainly used for aerial filming.

6) LanLan DJI S1000

DJI S1000 Octocopter

Price – $3,939

This is a premium ocotocopter with a built-in Canon 5D Camera which would make it amazing for cinematography, but the biggest drawback of this product is that flight time is restricted to just 15 minutes, which can be further reduced on adding payload.

One of the advantages of this product is the high stability and safety, making it very smooth and easy to control, but the price is a little too high for just this one feature.

It also has a retractable landing gear made of carbon fiber, allowing for high structural integrity and low weight at the same time.

5) Yuneec Tornado H920

yuneec h920

Price – $5000

The Yuneec Tornado H920, a hexacopter is controlled by a standalone remote controller which requires some practice before you get a hang of it. This is one of the heavier drones on the market making it a tad bit tough to control, but it still offers a flight time of 25 minutes.

It has an operational range of 2000 meters and a top speed of 47 Miles / Hr which is sufficient for following and capturing footage of moving cars and objects.

The Tornado comes with a built in camera which is meant for recreational use as it only supports 2 MP. This may not be useful for your professional video needs.

4) Faucon’s Drone Lifter Series

faucon heavy lift drone

Price – $6,995

The Faucons’s Lifter Series is intended for use in videography, SAR or any commercial application requiring smooth flight characteristics. This product isn’t great for sports flying, this is mainly a commercial or advanced hobbyist product. The Faucon has a highly advanced stability system and has an airframe that is highly shock resistant.

Flying and controlling this drone isn’t for beginners, you need to be an experienced RC pilot with heavy lift drones to make this work, so if you are just starting off this is definitely not for you.

This also comes with a retractable landing gear made of carbon fiber, making it shock resistant and nearly weight-less.

3) QWG Dji Inspire 1 T600

DJI Inspire 1 T600

Price – $7,330

This is a quadcopter with a 4K camera in-built, the Inspire 1 T600 is a complete aerial filming solution with al technical aspects done for you, so that you can just focus on the creative part of your job.

This is by far the most easy to use, all in one flying system that empowers you to create outstanding videos with very little effort.

The T600 comes with an amazing kit which includes a military grade weatherproof, crush proof and a pressure control valve for taking on airplanes. It also comes with an ultra fast charger that helps you get fully charged within minutes!

2) AZ 4K UHD Camera Drone

az 4k camera drone

Price – $8,582

The AZ 4K is a large frame drone which comes with a 4K camera in-built, it is highly stable compared to others in the market due to its well optimized center of mass. It has the capacity to carry a payload of up to 20 kgs, which is nearly the highest amongst any major drones.

This product is a dream for most photographers and cinematographers, mainly due to its ease of use and flexibility, but this again is not for beginners as its quite expensive and does take awhile to get a hang off.

1) DJI Inspire 1 Pro


DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Price – $9,300

This comes in a bundle that includes 2 chargers, 8 batteries, 2 iPad Airs, Osmo Handle Kit and many other things. It is called the ultimate fly all day kit as it allows you to keep flying for an entire day without any stops. Another amazing feature is the availability of two remotes, you can control the plane while your partner controls the camera’s, allowing you to focus on taking high quality images and footages.

It also allows for a live wireless video transmission via Dji Lightsbridge and also has a powerful app to edit camera settings, edit videos and more.

Dji Inspire 1 Pro is the top of this list due to its mammoth pricing, but its not necessarily the best option out their, this post is merely for entertainment purposes only, please do your own research before proceeding further.

On To Our Readers

Drones are by far the most amazing and fun toys you can ever come across, I’m sure this niche will continue to grow with more innovations and advanced technologies coming up every single day. For most new enthusiasts its recommended that you get started with something small and cheap, most of the products in this list might be too overwhelming and that may not be fun to play with.

As mentioned earlier this list on the most expensive drones is merely for the sake of information and entertainment, it is recommended that you do your own research before proceeding further.