We are coming across many stories these days that talks about “Techie turns Agriculturist”, “From AC offices to Sunny fields” , “Going the Organic path”, etc. There is no one single factor that can be considered as the reason behind this shift. Pursuing a hobby, looking for additional income, wanting to be close to nature, not being keen on a corporate career or the urge to grow one’s own food are definitely some of the reasons. This article may help you with some insights into some of the most profitable farming business ideas.

Trying your hand on agriculture as hobby is one thing and earning money from it is another. The latter needs good understanding of the processes involved along with some business development experience. Many times people know that they want to get into farming business but are seldom aware of the profitable opportunities in this area. Read further below to get some insights on the most Profitable Agriculture Business

10 Most Profitable Farming Business Ideas In 2017

If you are interested in exploring in the start up business ideas, then take a look at the below mentioned Top 10 most profitable farming business ideas.

Most Profitable Farming Business

#1. Looks Good, Smells Good And Sells Good (Herbs and Flowers)


Beautiful vegetable and flower garden, Vegetables, carrots, peas, cabbages, flowers, ireises, house, patio, greenhouse, in lush growing together intermixed

Herbs are really like a superhero among the plants when it comes to the range of usage. Not only are they one of the key ingredients for food, flavoring and fragrances, but are also a contributor to the pharma industry. Due to the usage in various areas, the demand is high. Good news is that herbs can be grown in small quantities and don’t really need great farming expertise.

Some believe that the satisfaction you get when you see a flower bloom is unparalleled. With a great deal of flowers being used in weddings, gifts and hospitality industry, the demand for flowers is all time high and still growing. Also, dried flowers are in great demand in the fragrance industry.

#2. Edible Umbrellas (Mushroom Farming)


First time farmers or young entrepreneurs are impatient and restless. They don’t want to wait for years and months for the yield and profits. Mushroom farming has a turnaround of about 3 weeks and is one of the most profitable and popular agricultural business. Understanding the environment to support mushroom growth, type of mushrooms in demand and some tips from existing farmers should get you started on this. Major consumers of mushroom are households and restaurants.

Mushroom farming basically consists of six steps process, like composting, spawning, casing, pinning, and cropping. These steps categorize for what is needed to form a production system.

#3.   Spice It Up (Spices Production)


Spices are one of the most expensive agriculture products and has been in demand across the globe from time immemorial. The Spices products are made use in all foods to add aroma and flavor. They are used in the form as whole, paste, or liquid, mainly for flavoring and seasoning of food. With the focus on organic food on the rise, it is only natural that organic ingredients like spices have many takers. Shelf life of most spices are high and there is minimal processing needed to preserve it.

Producing single or even a couple of types of spices can bring in huge profits once the right consumers are identified and a working business relationship is established.

#4.   Put Good In To Get Good Out (Livestock Feed)

Livestock feed3

Thanks to abundance of information in digital space, there is an increase in awareness among people about quality of food that they consume and this has led to a rapid growth in the number of quality livestock farming. Feeding is the most essential factor in effective farming. An animal will only perform at it’s potential if it is nourished and fed well. While some of the livestock farm grow their feed, many get it from external sources.

Since the feed used is one of the key factors that determine the quality of the livestock, there is lot of weight-age given to the type and quality of feed. Catering to this need is another option for agriculture business.

#5.   Sun Tan Is Good (Solar Drying of Fruits)

Solar drying of fruitsSolar drying of fruits1

Business around agriculture is not always about producing. Many times, it is about processing and preserving what has been produced. Most fruits and vegetables are seasonal but the products that use them and the people that consume them are not. Solar drying of fruits and vegetables has been around for ages and is still very much relevant. Main reason being the fact that sun drying of fruits and vegetables helps preserve their nutritional value. These preserved products get used in a variety of products like skew, soup, pickles, etc. Thanks to modern techniques and simplicity of the process, Solar drying is now simpler than ever. There is also a significant market for dried fruit in all parts of the world.

This happens to be a most profitable farming business idea due to its world wide demand and since dried fruit massively extends its shelf life and the transport costs being considerable less for the lighter and less perishable end-product.

#6. Not A Tough Nut To Crack (Cashew Nut Processing)

cashewnut processing

Cashew nut is one of the most nutritious dry fruits and is consumed by many as an ingredient in food and snacks or in raw form for its energy and fiber values. Cashew nuts are expensive and in huge demand across the world. In addition to Cashew Nut production, processing is also a growing industry. With some simple processing like cleaning, roasting, drying, and peeling, cashew is ready to be packed and shipped.

If you have a steady supply of cashew from farms and other sources at a wholesale price, you can earn good margins by sale of processed cashew nut. This can be a most profitable farming business.

#7. Don’t Chicken Out (Poultry Farming)

Poulttry farming - most profitable farming business

Poultry farming was considered more of a backyard farming where people reared few birds in their backyard and used for home consumption. But over the past couple of decades, this has been transformed into a commercial industry and a business opportunity due to the rise in demand for egg and meat across the globe. With all the diet charts listing eggs and meat as a major source of protein, it has become a standard part of any non-vegetarian meal.

Most commonly raised poultry bird is chicken. Due to the fear of unhygienic rearing and use of unhealthy supplements to increase profits, the market for good quality poultry is expanding day by day. Hence this can be considered as the most profitable farming business.

#8. Befriend The Honey Bee (Honey Bee Farming)

honeybee farming1

With the increased focus on general well-being and health, amongst other things, the demand for honey has also gone up. From sugar substitute in snacks to weight loss drinks to beauty routines, honey is everywhere. Beekeeping for honey production does not require huge land or investment, but needs some basic training to get started and close monitoring of bees.

Honey Beekeeping was mostly done as a backyard hobby but with the volume of honey consumption going high across the globe, this is turning into a most profitable farming business model.

#9. Man And Machine (Leasing Of Agriculture Equipment)


Agriculture equipment4

Every farming operation depends on reliable equipment. People new to agriculture are always on the lookout for options to start something with minimal investment. One of the main costs involved in agriculture is the tools and equipment needed for the agriculture process. First time farmers are often hesitant to spend a fortune on equipment and instead prefer getting it on lease. Leasing provides an alternative to the cost of purchasing as it protects against any inefficient operations by allowing new equipment and technology to be assimilated without a great cash expense.

Leasing out agriculture equipment is a growing industry with one time investment and predictable returns. You can offer a variety of different lease options like for monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, harvest plan and seasonal to meet the farming needs.

 #10. Share Your Knowledge (Agriculture Consulting)

Farming consultation

With the increase in the number of first time farmers and agriculture enthusiasts, there is a huge demand for help and support in this Agriculture Consulting area. People are looking for answers to questions like, which crop to cultivate, where to get seeds, where to find the right equipment, where is labor available, who are the potential buyers, etc, The experienced farmers are also keen to use the modern processes and tools to get a better yield and increase their profits and are looking for various services in this area.

By providing the consultation service, you can help farms to grow better crops and help maintain a robust environmental compliance through science based decisions and technological innovations.

The above listed are the 10 most  profitable farming business ideas for any startup entrepreneurs. However, the business opportunities in agriculture are not limited to listed 10 options but you need some place to get started start when you are new, lost or both or just plain curious. Whichever be the case, wish you good luck with your venture!!.