People say that you can either be a Cat person or a Dog person. Generally speaking, those who fall into the former category like their pets to be pint-sized and fuzzy and cuddly. The latter, that is dog lovers generally, like their pets larger. The really big Cats, aka, Lions and Tigers, aren’t really known for their friendliness so that’s not really an option. However, the largest cat breeds are at least as big as a mid-sized dog, are insanely cute, and won’t claw your face off!

Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds in the World

So here’s a couple of the largest cat breeds that you can actually adopt for yourselves.

#1.  Savannah – 25 Pounds

Largest cat breeds -Savannah

These large cat breed, look an awful lot like a miniature version of leopards with their golden fur with black spots. However, they weigh about 25 pounds, are tall and slender, and these dimensions often make them seem even bigger than they actually are.

The head is quite disproportionate to their body, though, being really small and slender like a regular house cat atop a much larger body. Another great cheetah resemblance exists in the tear stained marks which run down the eye to whiskers.

#2.  Ragdoll – 20 Pounds

Ragdoll -large cat breed

This fuzzy cat is lazy and adorable and derives its name from its most distinctive character trait, which is the tendency to go as limp as a rag doll whenever someone picks them up. Their eyes are a beautiful steely shade of blue, and have a fair-furred body, with darker ears and nostrils.

They can weigh 15 to 20 pounds and are often called ‘dog-like’ because they like to follow people around and are extremely friendly and affectionate with other animals. They are also one of the largest domestic cat breeds.

#3.  Ragamuffin – 20 Pounds

Ragamuffin - large cat breed

They mature over a period of 5 years, have a broad chest and muscular makeup. They have a broad chest which is however hidden underneath a long and lush coat of hair. Male Ragamuffins are on average 15 – 20 pounds and females weigh 8 – 15 pounds. They can be friendly in nature but are generally quite docile.

They also like attention and would love to have your hands tickling their tummy all day long, and when they don’t get what they want they tend to meow loudly to get your attention. However, they are best kept as domesticated cats because of their perilously docile nature.

#4.  Maine Coon – 18 Pounds

Maine Coon -large cat breed

This, one of the largest cat breeds, is a fairly large domesticated cat, has a lot of gray furs and big pointy ears. It also has some rat hunting skills if you ever wanna get that rat infestation taken care of.  It derives its name from the fact that it is a native of the state of Maine in North America.  On an average, male Maine Coon weighs from 13 to 18 pounds while females weigh from 8 to 12 pounds.

It has also been dubbed ‘the gentle giant’ because although it’s quite large, it is also extremely friendly. It is also considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds out there. So, that makes its beauty, brains, and friendliness. Wow, that really is a package deal!

#5.  Siberian – 18 pounds

Siberian - largest domestic cat breeds

These cats smack of Egyptian Royalty with their well-groomed white coat and whiskers, pink pointed ears and eyes that are alternately steely blue and liquid gold. Their gaze is piercing, and they are known for their jumping skills. As a result of their tendency to jump around, they have strong back legs and a broad chest.

While the white coat is one of the most memorable shades, they come in a variety of different colors, and their fur protects them in different kinds of climate, making them suitable for outdoor life. They can sometimes go as high as 18 pounds in weight.

#6.  British Shorthair – 17 pounds

British Shorthair - largest domestic cat breeds

Garfield! Of course, you know Garfield, right? That orange sassy cat with an affinity for Lasagna! British Shorthair is the breed that Garfield is based on, and they do look completely alike. While their most common color is a bluish-gray tinge, they also come in the signature Orange coat.

However, when it comes to personality they don’t share much with Garfield as they are extremely graceful, gentle and have a loving temperament. They are also quite clumsy and that only adds to their general cuteness. They also hate being carried around.  Males average weight is 9–17 pounds and females 7–12 pounds.

#7.  The Norwegian Forest Cat – 16 Pounds

The Norwegian Forest Cat -largest domestic cat breeds

The national cat breed of Norway, this beautiful breed has an undercoat followed by thick bushy medium length hair which is lush and waterproof in nature. This makes them ideal for cold climates.

They also have quite the control issue and while they can be friendly with you but it will only be in their terms. Their persona is generally known to comprise long naps interrupted by shots of energy. They weight 12 to 16 pounds.

#8.  American Bobtail – 16 Pounds

American Bobtail - large cat breed

This breed most notably resembles the Cheshire Cat from the Tim Burton adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Likewise, it has an adorable bob of a tail. They take about 3 years to reach maturity and have mid-length to the long fur on their bodies.

They have really strong hindquarters. They weight about 16 pounds though they can exceed that as well. They can be playful and sociable, but remain alert and highly intelligent to their surroundings.

#9. The Turkish Van Cat – 16 Pounds

The Turkish Van Cat - large cat breed

These cats love high spots, and if you get them home they’re likely to stay atop refrigerators and high shelves. They can also hunt really well and are known for their fearless attitude.

Furthermore, they also make for great guards as they are fiercely loyal and protective of their families and growl at the slightest of unwanted noise or disturbance. Unlike most cats though, these have a strange affinity to the water and love to go for a swim.They weigh 14 to 16 pounds.

#10.  Chausie Cat – 10 Pounds

Chausie Cat - large cat breed

These highly intelligent cats are also extremely athletic, and are known for their agility and speed. They are extremely outdoorsy as a result of that and are suited for bungalows with a big enough yard for them to play around in.

They aren’t ideally suited for a city life as they are extremely active and like running around lush fields. They’re also extremely sociable and friendly and such don’t like being left alone. While it is just 10 pounds by weight, it has quite the tall and slender appearance.

So these are some of the largest cat breeds out there. Let us know down in the comments what you think, which one of the largest cat breeds you find the cutest or which cat do you own?