How active are the 10 top ranked Tennis players on social media is something any Tennis fan would be curious to know. Djokovic cannot beat Nadal on social media just as he does on the court and Serena is losing to Sharapova with the number of fans. Nadal’s 22 Million fan base on Facebook and Twitter is nearly double the amount Federer has with 17 Million fans.

Nowadays, 80% of people share more about their life on social media than they share in real life. Just as paparazzi follow them in real life, fans of social media ‘stalk’ them. But sport professionals also get a great chance to advertise their endorsements easily through social media, reaching the public on internet. 92% of sports professionals earnings are from the endorsements, marketing themselves is a method used to increase their earnings. In this Wimbledon season, Tennis being the one of the most popular sport, the Grand Slam events are one of the most watched sport events. Social media is recognised as one of the main ways Tennis stars use to reach their fans and to share victories, defeats as well as their personal day-to-day life. Some players choose to share their pet dog on the social media while other stars use media to thank their fans and update about their latest events.

World #1 Tennis player will not lead the most popular player list on social media. The players like Nadal has always known as the tennis star with the most fans on the internet and he continues to be, but his career has failed and his ranking had dropped to 10th, yet the fan base continue to grow despite of his failure. Along with that goes the WTA data charts, clearly showing Sharapova on top of the list with the most number of fans when the #1 player Serena has half as much as Sharapova’s fans.

And another thing to note is that he is not as active on social media as much as Murray is, still Nadal has three times as many fans as Murray. This gives us the conclusion that the fan base on social media does not correlate with the world rank of the player.

The most significant about WTA is that, Carla Navarro tops the lists with the most number of posts on both Facebook and Twitter although she is the third lowest in  the list of fans and 9th on the world ranking. Her data shows that, being frequently active on social media will not increase their fan base. Lucie Safarova on the other hand, has no official account on Facebook nor Twitter.

Does being involved with social networking and the fans really matter to Tennis players? Do they need to be good in their Tennis career and not keep in touch with their fans on social media? Tennis stars, as well as any other sports star, need to improve their playing and also keep in touch with their fans. These days the most convenient way of exchanging information and sharing life virtually is through social media as the players cannot be in the presence of the fans.

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Research summary:
This Research was conducted by BettingRunner and the data collection was from the official account on Facebook and Twitter for the past three months (April, May and June). This data was for both male (ATP) and female (WTA) and only the top 10 world rank players were chosen, 10 ATP players and 10 WTA players.

*Lucie Safarova does not have an official account on neither Facebook nor Twitter. As being a fair to the other players, 0 value was included in her entry.