This World Cup sees many great teams pitted against eachother, each game will see amazing performances from many individuals but how good will they look while playing? I’ve thought up the top 10 best World Cup kits!


10. Germany Away

The Germans rarely disappoint with their kits, and this one is no exception. The colours go really well together and the pattern had the potential to be horrible but they got it spot on. My only complaint is the white stripes but they aren’t that bad. It’s slightly intimidating too and will fit in well with the wearer.



9. Portugal Home

Portugal home kit: World Cup 2014

I don’t think we’ve seen a better Portugal kit in a long time. It’s green is there to match their flag but the stripes go so well with the red. It’s really unique and Nike have done a great job.



8. England Home

It’s great in its simplicity. It’s just white shirt and white shorts with an England/Nike badge slapped on but it really feels like a proper England shirt. If I had any complaint it would be that the England/Nike badges aren’t in red rather than in blue to match our flag.



7. Brazil Home

Probably the most recognisable football shirt in the world, Nike have once again re-mastered the legendary colours. Home kit of the favourites of the tournament, you should expect to see this shirt up until the final.



6. Holland Home

A huge improvement of the 2010 World Cup kit, Nike strike again with another simplistic, yet great looking kit. Although Holland don’t have orange displayed on their flag, they have their kits orange due to the history of it being the national colour. Another brilliant and unique kit.



5. Bosnia Home

I can’t quite put my fingers on why I like this kit so much. It has the typical Adidas stripes which I’m not a fan of but it must be those blue lines popping up here and there. It shouldn’t work, but it does.



4. Mexico Home

This really seems like a love or hate kit, but I love it. The colours go really well with eachother as well as adhering to the colours of the national flag. As well as this, the lightning bolt type lines go well with Mexico’s actual play style, if that makes sense. It all just fits in really well and produces a huge likeability factor.



3. Cameroon Home

Finally, a non Adidas/Nike kit. The African nations have never won a World Cup, not even when it was hosted in their continent. They’ve produced some quality players though, but as teams they just aren’t good enough. They’re such great footballing nations and it really shows in this kit, which is why it looks so good.



2. France Home

Previous France kits have always looked lackluster, some of them even stupid, but this looks really, really good. Made by Nike, it’s simple yet again but it looks smart and the colour is awesome. Their away kit is good too, it’s a good time to own a France shirt.



1. Belgium Away

You had to see this coming. I don’t know why the colour black isn’t utilised that often with football kits but it’s a great colour that looks awesome. Made by Burrda (I’ve never heard of them either), the colours match their national colours and the stripes look great the away they themselves, are striped. Truly deserving of first place.



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