Not that long ago, £50million could buy you an entire starting 11 but now that amount is barely that much in the footballing world. Teams (that I won’t name) spend ridiculous amounts to get the targets they want, some even paying grossly over what the player is actually worth. I count down the top 10 most valuable footballers in the world, this doesn’t take into account actual football transfer fees.


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10. Mario Gotze

Age: 22

Club: Bayern Munich

Value: £37,900,000



9. Edinson Cavani

Age: 27

Club: Paris Saint Germain

Value: £38,700,000


8. Mesut Ozil

Age: 25

Club: Arsenal

Value: £39,700,000


7. Gareth Bale

Age: 24

Club: Real Madrid

Value: £47,100,000


6. Paul Pogba

Age: 21

Club: Juventus

Value: £48,900,000


5. Neymar Jr

Age: 22

Club: Barcelona

Value: £50,600,000


4. Eden Hazard

Age: 23

Club: Chelsea

Value: £61,200,000


3. Luis Suarez

Age: 27

Club: Liverpool

Value: £79,400,000


2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Age: 29

Club: Real Madrid

Value: £85,200,000



1. Lionel Messi

Age: 26

Club: Barcelona

Value: £161,500,000



Most of these players aren’t even in their prime yet, it’s certainly a good time to be a football fan.


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