As we talk if sex offenders generally it is men that come to our minds. Men tend to have a very high sex drive. Therefore they tend to be more notorious criminals when it comes to sexual matters. Although it is true that around 91 to 96 cases of sexual assaults and crimes are a result of men it is a less of a known fact that even females tend to be a part of this criminal act. But what about female sex offenders? It is indeed surprising for many to hear this about females. We consider females as patient and a bunch of humans who could control their feelings. All this is true about them. However, not everyone is like that. There are a few exceptions amongst them.

Women are more likely to conduct such acts in an educational setting. It is very common to hear of incidents which happen between teacher and student. This mostly applies when the teacher is an elderly female whereas the student is a young boy. However even though the teacher-student relationship is a well-known fact, a subset of females tend to go around as sexual predators similar to the way men do although they have no authority over young people as teachers do.

10 Notorious Female Sex Offenders

Here we talk of 10 such female sex offenders known.

#10. Gemma Barker – Britain

Female Sex Offenders - Gemma Barker

An English teenager named Gemma Barker, 19, used Facebook as her media for sexual predation. She created fake profiles appearing to be men under different names in an attempt to get young girls to her. Many such girls got caught by her scandal although not everyone went as far as to get to know who she really is.

Some would have of coursed done it for fun and not taken her seriously. However, two young girls who she was having sexual relationships did not know that she was in fact, a woman. She was sentenced to 30 months in jail due to sexual assault on a girl who suspected of her behavior.

#9.  Beth Modica – America

Beth Modica - Female Sex Offenders

Beth Modica led a completely normal life with her husband who was the Police Chief of Spring Valley, New York, and four children. But no one knew of her sexual intentions. She was a former assistant district attorney herself.

Modica supplied beer and dope for school kids at a pool party and apparently had sex with a 16-year-old boy and done oral sex with a 15-year-old boy. She was arrested and charged with her notorious acts. In the year 2008, she received a two-year sentence in prison and 10 years on probation along with disgust from her own children.

#8.  Bella Barrera – America

Bella Barrera - Female Sex Offenders

Bella Barrera was a part of the Salvation Army serving at a youth facility in Nebraska where she started an illicit affair with a young boy of 13 years who happened to be a ward at the home. Initially, it was suspected that she helped the boy escape from the home which the boy himself denied.

But due to the fact that they were part of a notorious act, it is believed that the boy would have been lying about it. The boy even made a statement saying he was the father of Barrera’s child. Barrera was charged with child abuse and sexual assault which gave her a 51 years sentence in prison.

#7.  Rachel Ann Hicks – America

Rachel Ann Hicks - Female Sex Offenders

Rachel Ann Hicks is a mother of three who used a very unusual way for her notorious acts. We usually hear of many who have got into crimes and fraud through social media sites such as Facebook.

However, Hicks used the popular video game console Xbox to meet young boys by connecting to fellow gamers through the internet. She had gone all the way from her home in California to Maryland in order to have sex with a 13-year-old boy. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison for sleeping with an underage boy.

#6.  Theresa Goddard – Canada

Theresa Goddard - Female Sex Offenders

Theresa Goddard being a native from British Columbia, Canada used very unusual tactics for her sexual predatory acts. She had openly posted an ad online seeking a family with a husband and children where she could molest them as her wish.

Her wish was soon granted when a 51-year-old man from Virginia responded to her. She flew to meet them to only get to know that the man was actually part of an investigation team for crime scenes as such. Goddard was sentenced to 10 years in prison for what she attempted to do to a family with children.

#5.  Joyce McKinney – America

Joyce McKinney - Female Sex Offenders

Joyce McKinney’s story starts with a former Miss Wyoming pageant winner dating a guy named Kirk Anderson. The affair ended very soon. However, McKinney did not let go of it so easily. She became cranky that she put men and kidnapped Anderson at gunpoint. Thereafter she took him to house she had rented, chained him to bed and raped him. Anderson had to agree to marry her due to the torture she gave him.

Anyhow after his release from McKinney, Anderson reported to the police and McKinney was arrested, although she later escaped prison and wound up in Canada. Yet again she was arrested in Utah when in an attempt to search for Anderson.

#4.  Courtney Reschke – America

Courtney Reschke - Female Sex Offenders

Courtney Reschke is among the multiple time female sex offenders, and often used the popular method of social media, Facebook to conduct her misdeeds. She targeted the friends of her eldest child.

It is believed that she got down four 15-year-old boys promising them alcohol and end up having sex with them. During one incident it was said that her toddler was also in the same room. Courtney Reschke was sentenced to 20 years in prison because of her notorious acts.

 #3.  Jill Dudley – Britain

Jill Dudley - Female Sex Offenders

Jill Dudley was a mother of two boys. She was unlike most mothers. Although she appeared to be a well-mannered woman, wife, and mother, she was a devil in disguise. Many a time, she has assaulted her own sons. She used to get down her male companions and make them assault the boys.

Her two sons were forced to sleep in a shed. After all these acts she was never punished for her crimes which made people think if it was all a made up the story. But later it was proved that all was true as she had explicit photographs of her two sons.

#2.  Sarah Hopkins – America

Sarah Hopkins - Female Sex Offenders

Sarah Hopkins, an Oregon native, was known to have a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old boy who happened to be her neighbor as well as her close friend’s son. Initially, it had started off with Sarah taking the boy for a walk which would go on for a long time which was the time the sexual relationship blossomed.

After getting caught by the mother, watching pornography at their apartment, the boy admitted to the relationship and the 35-year-old Hopkins was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

 #1.  Ashley Jessup – America

Ashley Jessup - Female Sex Offenders

Ashley Jessup is one amongst the top female sex offenders. She is believed to be a psychopath who got together with her boyfriend to assault her 10 months old infant. The idea was initiated by her boyfriend when she eventually agreed to it. The police was alerted of the incident by a previous girlfriend of the boyfriend.

Jessup was sentenced to life in prison whereas the boyfriend who was involved in the crime was sentenced 3-20 years in jail.

Do you know of any more female sex offenders? Please let us know by leaving your comments below.

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