The Anime universe is filled with colorful people (quite literally) but nowhere is that more evident than in one of their most universally acclaimed and popular series Naruto. Based on the Japanese Manga series by the same name, and created by Marashi Kishimoto, the series follows the adolescent Ninja who wishes to pursue his dreams to the end by becoming the Hokage, that is, the leader and the strongest Naruto characters of them all.

With its blend of cool villains, a strong protagonist to root for who is also immensely relatable, this series has excited generations of children and young adults. One of the ongoing debates, however, which seems to have no conclusive end is that of who amongst the Naruto main characters is the most powerful.

Top 10 Strongest Naruto Characters – 2017

Here we’ve done our part to further that debate by giving you a list of who we believe are the 10 strongest Naruto Characters out there.

#10. Guy Might – Son of Might Duy

Guy Might -naruto characters

He first appears in Naruto episode #21, mentor to Rock Lee and physically one of the strongest Naruto characters out there. He was the son of Might Duy, who was known as the “Eternal Genin”, but still didn’t let that moniker get him down and was just happy to be known at all.

He taught Guy that he could become a Taijutsu master through some rigorous training. Guy might in turned trained hard till he could achieve massive physical strength and achieved the ability to open up the Eight Gates that limit one’s body chakra. Having done so he could transcend to a state wherein he could match any of his opponents in battle.

#9.  Kakashi Hatake – Teacher of Team 7

Kakashi Hatake -naruto characters

Kakashi is the Teacher of Team 7 with the primary characters from the Naruto Universe. He takes up the role as the originally stern, emotionally withdrawn and apathetic figure. However, as the series progresses his external layers begin to crumble and people can see that he is actually quite a caring person and deeply wants his team to succeed.

Although he initially seems like a weak character, frequently losing time and getting lost in thoughts, he turns out to be really strong and can even fight while reading a series of erotic novels.

#8.  Minato Namikaze – Fourth Hokage

Minato Namikaze-naruto characters

He was the fourth Hokage of Konohagakure, and one of his greatest assets was his incredible speed, which got him nicknamed Konoha’s Yellow Flash. One of the reasons that he is so popular is because of his heartbreaking story of self-sacrifice.

He died during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s Attack, and he died while sacrificing his life in order to seal a part of the Nine-Tails into his son Naruto.

#7.  Jiraiya – Mentor of Minato Namikaze

Jiraiya - naruto characters

He is a well-respected figure amongst the Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf and was the final student of the Third Hokage. He definitely earns his place on this list because he was a mentor to Minato Namikaze i.e., the fourth Hokage, his son and the protagonist of the show Naruto Uzumaki, and Nagato, aka Pain.

All of these characters grew to become formidable Shinobis. Other than his mentorship and reputation as a great sage, he is also extremely powerful. He was one of the “Legendary Sannin.” However, he is initially introduced as quite the perverted old man earning him the names “Toad Sage” and “Pervy Sage.”

#6.  Itachi Uchiha – Older brother of Sasuke

Itachi Uchiha - naruto main characters

He is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and he killed ever single member of his clan leaving behind only his brother. Although this positions him as the antagonist for most of the series, his character’s motivation is revealed to be a lot more nuanced that that later when it is revealed that the only reason he did what he did was to prevent a coup which would have led to an inevitable war.

 Itachi Uchiha did everything for the sake of Sasuke. He is one of the most popular characters in the series as well because his mysterious background which is only revealed slowly, coupled with his deep care for his brother and his incredible strength makes him very attractive.

#5.  Hashirama Senju – God of Shinobi

Hashirama Senju -naruto main characters

Appearing in episode #69 he was a member of the Senju Clan and was even hailed as the God of Shinobi. He founded Konohagakure because he wanted ultimate peace in the clans, despite the fact that he is one of the most formidable Ninja’s out there.

Hashirama Senju would eventually become the Founding Fire Shadow or the First Hokage. He eventually failed in his quest to achieve ultimate peace but his legacy continues to inform the Shinobi world.

#4.  Kaguya Ootsutsuki – Mother of Hogoromo

Kaguya Ootsutsuki - naruto female characters

She is the mother of Hogoromo, aka the Sage of Six Paths, who is the strongest naruto female characters in the Shinobi Universe. She could gain complete access to her Chakra and thus attained god-like powers and the ability to bring complete peace.

However, that ultimate power corrupted her ultimately and she became evil under its influence, becoming the Ten-Tails, and her children had to protect the world by sealing her away. She is also known as “The Rabbit Goddess” and “The Progenitor of Chakra.” Some of her powers are omnipotence, immortality, the ability to control dimensions, control the elements or create extensions of her own self, amongst many others.

#3.  Naruto Uzumaki – Hero of the Hidden Leaf

Naruto Uzumaki -naruto main characters

He is the titular Protagonist and the chief character whose story we’re all interested in. Ostracized as a child, he joins Team Kakashi in order to become the Hokage eventually and gain the love of his village.

He eventually does win everything he set out for and comes to be known as the “Hero of the Hidden Leaf.” Naruto Uzumaki was the primary factor in the victory of the Fourth Shinobi World War and became the Seventh Hokage.

#2.  Sasuke Uchiha –  Formidable Member of Team 7

Sasuke Uchiha-strongest naruto characters

He is another formidable member of Team 7, alongside Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi. His position in this list can very well be flipped with that of Naruto as they have a back and forth about who is more powerful. Both of them prove equally formidable at times.

He has a heartbreaking backstory wherein he was orphaned at a young age because of his brother’s —Itachi — betrayal, who killed everyone in the village, sparing only Sasuke. His goal is to one day seek vengeance by killing Itachi. This desire for revenge gets him to make some bad decisions but also pushes him to become one of the strongest characters in the franchise.

#1.  Hagoromo Ootsutsuki – Sage of Six Paths

strongest naruto characters - Hagoromo Ootsutsuki

No one would ever question the decision to place Hagoromo Ootsutsuki aka Sage of Six Paths first in a list of the strongest Naruto characters because he created the Ninja arts, and holds both the Sharingan and Rinnegan. He also held the Ten-Tailed Beast within him, making him the first ever jinchuriki.

He even created the other Non Tailed Beasts, and along with his brother defeated and sealed his own Mother who’d been corrupted by her powers.

So this is a list of the ten strongest Naruto characters. Undoubtedly a lot of you will disagree strongly, which is why you should vent out your outrage at the snubs and surprises by commenting down below. We’d love to hear from you!

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