Every woman wants to look beautiful and would go to any extent to improve her looks. Women use many ways to enhance their appearance such as makeup, clothes, shoes, jewellery, hairstyles etc. The addition of jewellery  gives an unusual glamor to its wearer, especially that of the luxury jewellery brands. The main types of jewellery worn by women at present are silver, gold, diamond and platinum. Each type of jewellery has its own pros and cons and gold, diamond and platinum are considered to be more expensive than silver.

When considering to buying jewellery the budget of the buyer plays and important role as well as the occasion for which jewellery is bought. Mainly South Asian women wear gold and diamond jewellery for a wedding, parties, and special occasions. It is known to be a fact of prestige to see one wearing top jewellery brands.

Top 10 Luxury Jewellery Brands In the World

There are many different companies from various parts of the world making jewellery and now let us have a look at the ten popular luxury jewellery brands in the world.

#10. Chopard – Geneva

luxury jewellery brands - Chopard

This is a Swiss brand of luxury watches and jewellery which was founded by Louise-Ulysse Chopard. It is headquartered in Geneva.

It uses pure 18 karat gold for its finishing and its jewellery is of the finest quality. The company has its own diamond collection which is named as “Happy diamonds”. A team of very talented designers is involved in creating these masterpieces.

#9.  Mikimoto – Japan

Mikimoto - luxury jewellery brands

This is a Japanese brand of jewellery which was introduced by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893 in Japan. The company uses finest 18 karat gold in its creations. He was the first to introduce the addition of pearl to jewellery in order to make it look very elegant. The company uses a very rare collection of pearls which includes south sea pearls, white pearls, Titian pearls and pink conch pearls.

Mikimoto jewellery can be worn during the day and evening according to the company. The main feature of this jewellery brand is its use of the finest collection of pearls.

#8.  Bvlgari – Italy

Bvlgari - Jewellery brands

This in Italian based jewellery brand headquartered in Rome. It was founded by Sotirio Bugari in 1884. The brand uses 18 karat gold along with the most precious stones in its creations.

The brand is renowned for creating masterpieces using bold shapes, large pieces, and cabochon stones in various bright colors and floral patterns. This luxurious brand of jewellery is famous for its unique creations which attract high profile customers from around the world.

#7.  Piaget – Switzerland

Piaget - Jewellery brands

Piaget is a luxurious brand which is famous for watches and jewellery . This was founded by Georges Piaget in 1874 in Jura, Switzerland and belongs to the Swiss Richemont group. Their products follow mostly old fashioned and traditional designs imparting a different kind of attractiveness in the final outcome.

The company is widely known for its prestigious collection of watched made in the latest styles which include watched with dials that can be modified according to the size of the wrist. Their most successful and famous items are ornaments made up in the form of a rose.

#6.  Graff – London

Graff - Jewellery brands

Graff is a famous watch and jewellery brand which was founded by Laurence Graff. The brand started work in London in 1960. The products under this brand are very expensive. Hence it is only to be seen with the rich and famous. The company is all about diamonds according to its owner Laurence which is why it is so much higher in price.

The company operates in wholesale with no middle man involved and that itself has made it such a successful and unique brand in the world.

Graff is soon to be releasing a book named “The Most Fabulous Jewels in the World” which includes the history of the company and information on their products.

#5.  Tiffany & Co. – America

Tiffany & Co. - Jewellery brands

Tiffany & Company, also known simply as Tiffany, is an American luxury jewellery company founded in 1837. It caters the needs of men, women, and children using gold, silver and diamond jewellery. The company is well known for simplicity in its products but with a higher price tag. Their jewellery is ideal for any occasion be it in the day or evening.

Some of their products include the basket weave bracelet, the pavé diamond bangle bracelet, and the heart pendant. The companies are selling their ornaments in stores as well as online.

#4.  Buccellati – Italy

Buccellati - top jewellery brands

Buccellati is a world famous jewellery brand founded in 1919 and based in Rome. This brand is owned and run by a family on its own. The company uses gold and silver in its precious creations. The value of this jewellery  is toward the higher end of the market.

The products tend to favor Roman styles and designs and include traditional styles such as the cuff bracelet. All its products are known to be high in quality and combined with precious jewels and gems.

#3.  Van Cleef & Arpels – France

Van Cleef & Arpels - top jewellery brands

Van Cleef and Arpels is a result from the merge of Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef. This famous French brand of luxurious watched and jewellery was launched in 1869 and is based in Paris. The Company is famous for its products which include flowers, motif birds, and animals. Jewels of this brand are widely worn in the regions of the Middle East and South East Asia and are considered to be the most worn brand in those parts.

The brand is also renowned for its prestigious collection of watches which is towards the higher end of the market similar to its collection of jewellery. The luxurious watched have gem-laid dials which add to its uniqueness and high price.

#2.  Cartier – France

Cartier - best jewellery brands

This expensive and luxurious jewellery brand was founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris, France in the year of 1860. The brand is well known to have served very high-end customers such as royal families including the Duchess of Windsor who was amazed and captivated by their creations. The most famous piece of jewellery is her 6.5-inch bracelet made of diamond, onyx, and emerald which was sold for over 7 million US Dollars.

Cartier only uses finest metals and does its work to a precision which results in a perfect piece of elegance. Theirs is a company well known for expert craftsmanship and innovative designs.

#1.  Harry Winston – America

Harry Winston - best jewellery brands

Topping the list of most luxury jewellery brands is none other than the most popular Harry Winston. Winston founded the company in 1932 and headquartered it in New York, United States. The brand is so expensive that it is available only in countries which could afford it. Their products are mostly worn by Hollywood icons and could be seen at special events such as the Emmys, Grammy, and Oscars.

Harry Winston is a coveted brand of jewellery which uses only the finest quality materials and precious stones in its products. The end result guarantees high quality and durability.

So that wraps up the list of the popular luxury jewellery brands in the world. All of these are expensive in general and is why it has made to this list. However, any top jewellery brands no matters the cost will make a woman more elegant and attractive in an effortless manner. Do let us in the comments which amongst the luxury jewellery brands you like the most, and why!

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