The Freemasons are a highly secretive group created with religious ideologies. The goal of this organization is to make a better man out of a good person. It is also believed that this secret organization had a secret aim to dominate and control the world. They are more of a secret and controversial group whereby now they are more open in answering questions aimed at them from the public. However, it is believed that the Freemason secrets revealed may only have part of the entire thing, because they do not reveal all their secrets and that much remain hidden among the group members.

One should be exclusively invited in order to join the Freemasons. This secret society requires its members to have belief in a Deity. Hence there is no place at all for atheists. In the past, some of the secrets of freemasons have been revealed and it had cost the lives of those at fault for leaking such information. One of their secrets of the past was “Tubal Cain” who is mentioned in the bible and is known to be one of the first metal workers.

Some well-known figures are also noted as being part of the Freemasons. Amongst those are the famous astronauts Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn. Also, it is believed that Neil Armstrong’s father was a Mason. Also, noted men in history including George Washington, Winston Churchill and the Kings of England were part of the Masons.

10 Mindblowing Freemason Secrets Revealed

So what are the secrets of the Freemasons? Let us delve into freemason secrets revealed.

#10. They have many secret passwords

Freemason Secrets Revealed - passwords

The first and foremost amongst freemason secrets revealed would be the passwords. We do know for a fact that the Freemasons use passwords in their communications. However, what many of us don’t know is that they have several passwords being used for various occasions.

Most of their passwords are not revealed to the public. Some of their passwords have been leaked to the public in the past which includes the password “tu-bal-cain”.

#9.  They treat the sun with utmost importance

sun importance - secrets of freemasons

The Masons are obsessed with the sun. They treat the sun with the highest respect and considered is as of utmost importance. They believe that the east symbolizes rebirth.

Therefore all the masonic lodges are built on the east and west sides as they believe this would control the solar power for their own purposes.

#8.  Atheists can never be Freemasons

Atheists can never be Freemasons - secrets of freemasons

It is not possible to become a Freemason if one is an atheist. As it is important to believe in some sort of higher power in order to become part of this secret group as all the group’s activities are focused around this belief.

What exactly that higher power is not relevant as long as you can define it. Atheists can lie and pretend in order to join the group but it will be of no use as the religious belief would be part of honor among the men in the group. The Masons also do not include women in the group. However, some are challenging this concept currently.

#7.  The symbol of the Masons is included in the US Dollar note

dollar note - secrets of freemasons

It is fascinating to get to know that the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye above the pyramid, which happens to be the symbol of the Freemason group, is included in the US Dollar note. A look closely at the Dollar note will show this to anyone. The Latin workings underneath the pyramid is a Freemason motto which means “new world order”.

However, it is strongly believed that the Freemasons had no influence over the design of the note as Benjamin Franklin was the only Freemason in the design committee. However, this coincidence is an amazing fact to consider.

#6.  The Masons will not testify truthfully against each other

not testify truthfully - freemasons secrets

The Masons have been commanded not to testify truthfully against each other when a fellow Mason is on trial.

Even though it may be wrong still it is known to be a far greater sin not to protect one of their own at a time as such.

#5.  Their rituals include a noose

noose - freemasons secretsThe rituals followed at the initiation for a Mason includes many. The Masons consider the initiation ceremony as a beautiful one. Anyhow, it is known to be a fact that the initiation ceremony includes a noose.

Although the Masons claim that it is used to represent the umbilical cord at birth it is not known whether this secretly means a threat in maintaining silence with the secrets of the group. Whichever is the truth, the noose is unusual enough to be mentioned.

#4.  They have their own secret handshake

secret handshake - freemasons secrets

The Freemasons supposedly have a secret handshake which they use among themselves. It is quite the contrary to an ordinary handshake. Also, the grip of the handshake changes according to the degree of the Freemason.

Initially, the Freemason would have a lighter grip. Gradually when the degree changes the Freemason’s handshake would also change accordingly. The Freemasons also can utter phrases at times when they are in danger in order to get help from their fellow members. The founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, is believed to have uttered phrases in his last moments.

#3.  The Freemasons control politics and finance in many countries

politics - freemason secrets revealed

The Masons are involved in many fields. Among them, prominent are the involvement of them in politics, finance and the governments of many countries. They are believed to be part of many corruptions.

Half a million Masons in England alone are known to be part of corruptions in finance, politics, and the government. The Masons are also thought to be of control of hospitals and universities.

#2.  Anders Breivik was a Mason

Anders Breivik - freemason secrets revealed

Anders Breivik who was responsible for the mass murder in Norway in the year 2011 was a member of the Masons. He was part of the Lodge of St. Olaf in Oslo. This goes to show that some of the notorious men in history have also been part of the Masons.

This gives rise to some controversial facts on the Freemason group. His degree of involvement in the group is not known.

#1.  Freemasons played an important role in space explorations

space explorations - freemason secrets revealed

Well-known astronaut Buzz Aldrin has openly declared himself a Mason. It is believed that he left the mark of the Masons on his journey to the moon, whether that story is true or not.

The Masons do not only have the intention to control the world but are ready to go beyond this Earth to prove themselves.

So these are some of the well-known freemason secrets revealed. Of course, not all of these secrets, especially the important ones are revealed as it would not serve their purpose of being a secret group in operation. Also, members revealing the inner information of the group are to be paid with their lives. Hence it is very rare that someone would attempt to do the same from within the Freemasons. However, it was interesting to get to know some facts on this group. There is more to be found out about this group. We would like to know if any of our readers know interesting facts about the Freemasons that we can include with the “Freemason secrets revealed”. Whether it be from knowledge gathered from other sources we would like to know these from you. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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