With 600 Pokemon in the latest Pokedex, it’s tough to keep up with them all! However here are few Fastest Pokemon known for their best attack and speed. Are you wondering who are those? Check out below for the top 10 fastest Pokemon ever in the world.

Top 10 Fastest Pokemon Ever!

10. Shaymin

Shaymin - Fastest Pokemon

Shaymin is number 492 in the Pokedex and the tenth fastest Pokemon. It made its appearance in 2008, in the 11th Pokemon Movie, “Giratina and the Sky Warrior”. It won’t evolve and does not come from another Pokemon. Shaymin has two forms.

When Shaymin is in Land Form, it’s mind mannered look hides the speed demon within. It is white, with a pink flower and two leaves on either side of its head. When it’s in Sky Form, it has a speed stat of 388! In this form, it looks like a little deer. On it’s back, it’s far mutated into a mohawk, and it has a red flower that will remind you of a cape.

9. Meloetta

Meloetta - Fastest Pokemon

Meloetta is an exotic looking Pokemon. Like Shaymin, there’s no evolution. It can be found at 648 in the Pokedex. Meloetta has two different forms. It moves between the two forms by singing the Relic Song. The fastest form is the Pirouette Form, and the slower is the Aria form. The Pirouette Form will do graceful dances…and has a max speed stat of 390!

If you’re a Pokemon fan, Meloetta didn’t make its debut until Generation V. It appeared for the first time in the 739th episode of the series “An Epic Defense Force”.

I have to resist the temptation to call Meloetta “her”. It definitely takes on a feminine appearance with musical hints in its hair. It appears to have quarter notes for arms, and its eyes look like whole notes. The headpiece it wears looks like a treble clef.

8. Crobat

Crobat - Fastest Pokemon

Crobat is the final evolution of Zubat. You will find Crobat at number 169 on the Pokedex. After discussing Meloetta, Crobat seems to be the polar opposite. It’s an ugly, mean looking thing. It resembles a bat, obviously, with two pairs of wings. These wings hardly make a sound when it sneaks up on you.

Crobat comes into play in Generation II. We see it for the first time in episode 196 “Control Freak” when Brock’s Golbat evolves. In this final evolution, Crobat has a max speed stat of 394!

7. Mewtwo

Mewtwo - Fastest Pokemon Ever

Mewtwo is a very special Pokemon indeed! This creature is said to have the DNA of all the other Pokemon within it’s being. This is the result of many experiments including DNA engineering and gene splicing. This unique composition makes Mewtwo able to learn any attack.

Sadly, Mewtwo has the most savage heart of all the Pokemon. It is a formidable enemy, striking fear with it’s compassionless, cold, glowing eyes. Mewtwo is the star antagonist in the very first Pokemon movie “Mewtwo Strikes Back”. Mewtwo is at number 150 in the Pokedex.

It has a humanoid/feline mix of features, gray with a long purple tail. Mewtwo has a max speed stat of 394 and can defy gravity!

6. Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl - Fastest Pokemon Ever

Ash discovered this creature in a cave. It would have been undiscovered if not for the explosion caused by Team Rocket. Ash discovered this extinct Pokemon, a giant flying Aerodactyl. It is brought back to life using DNA from an ancient amber fossil. Look for Aerodactyl at number 142 on the Pokedex.

We first see Aerodactyl in the 46th episode “Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon.” It is a menacing creature, with its mouth open to show its fangs. It doesn’t have an evolution background. But, it does have Mega Evolution in newer gaming editions.
This reptilian creature with wings can really move, with a max speed stat of 394!

5. Jolteon

Jolteon - Top 10 Fastest Pokemon

You may recognize Jolteon as one of Eevee’s final forms. Jolteon comes about when Eevee comes in contact with a thunderstone. Jolteon is a canine looking creature. Its yellow fur can become sharp needles and accumulate 10,000 volts of electricity. This is why it’s sometimes called the Lightning Pokemon. You can find Jolteon at number 135 on the Pokedex.

Jolteon is one of the original Pokemon. It made its premiere in episode 40 of the series “The Battle of the Eevee Brothers”. Jolteon has a max speed of 394!

4. Electrode

Electrode - Top 10 Fastest Pokemon

Now, let’s pick up the pace a bit! Electrode looks like a reverse color Poke Ball with an evil looking face. It’s white on top and red on the bottom. Trainers frequently try to pick it up, thinking that it’s an item. At number 101 on the Pokedex, Electrode eats and survives on electricity. So, it lives and hangs out around power plants, frequently causing blackouts.

The electrode is evolved from Voltorb. The more electricity Electrode eats, the faster it becomes. It has a max speed stat of 416! Watch out, though, this guy is known to explode on a dime!
We see Electrode for the first time in the 93rd episode of the series “Navel Maneuvers”.

3. Accelgor

Top 10 Fastest Pokemon - Accelgor

Accelgor is a bug Pokemon and tends to become weak if his body dries out. That’s probably why we find him in wet, swampy areas. He’s a fast Pokemon and is famous for his ninja-style attacks.

You can find Accelgor at 617 in the Pokedex. It appears in Generation V. But, not until the 714th episode of the series “The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue.” Accelgor evolves from Shelmet, but only when it is traded for a Karrablast. Sounds tricky, but look at him go! Accelgor has a max speed stat of 427!

2. Ninjask

Fastest Pokemon Ever - Ninjask

If I had to describe Ninjask, I would say he looks like a cross between a bumble bee and a cicada. It’s a Bug/Flying type hybrid Pokemon. It appears first in Generation III, in the 318th episode of “The Princess and Togepi”. Ninjask is number 291 on the Pokedex.

Ninjask is not known as a fierce warrior. Instead, it is a crafty evader, flying so fast that it appears to be invisible. The Ninjask is the evolved form of Nincada. It also forms a second evolution Shedinja, which is a hollow form of its cocoon.

Ninjask can escape any attack with its speed. It’s got a max speed stat of 460!

1. Deoxys

Fastest Pokemon - Deoxys

Holding the number one spot… fastest Pokemon ever … it’s Deoxys. It’s at number 386 on the Pokedex. It was formed from a mutation of the DNA from a space virus that was exposed to a laser beam. This Pokemon has an astounding speed stat of 540! Wow!

We see Deoxys appear for the first time in the 318th episode of the series, “The Princess and Togepi”.

Deoxys has three forms that it can change into. The Speed Form is the fastest, of course. Each of the other forms is focused on a different stat. As a result of the mutation with a laser beam, Deoxys has a crystal organ on its chest that shoots lasers.

So above are the 10 fastest Pokemon released so far. Do you think we have missed any Pokemon? Do let us know your feedbacks through the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.